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I don’t know many people who aren’t moved by the arts. Whether it’s the brush strokes of Da Vinci, the sweet harmonies of The Beatles, the sharp lens of Leibovitz or the clean lines of La Corbusier, art in whatever form seems to connect us all to a happier place.  I know many people who, for example, connect to music in an almost cerebral way, their musical taste often reflecting their views on politics, guiding their choice of romantic partners and if nothing else, providing a beautiful soundtrack to their lives. Although I have a great deal of fascination for all of the art forms above, I can’t say I ever really “got” any of them (know what I mean). It’s not like I don’t understand the sheer architectural epic-ness of the Taj Mahal, or recognise the genius of Freddie Mercury’s falsetto, but everyone has their artistic niche, and for me it will always be cinema.

In fact I can almost pin point the exact moment when I realised this thing with “cinema” was going to more than a fleeting obsession.

I was sitting in a movie theatre with my year three class on a school excursion, my first time at the movies without my parents, and suddenly as those red velvet curtains swished to the side of the screen and the giant pictures started to unfold before my eyes, I became utterly transfixed. It was like I was in another world, a world where anything was possible. A world where you could ride your bicycle to the moon, dodge bullets while levitating in mid air, and somehow always, always(!) find love in New York.

And so movies have become my happy place, a place where I can escape, be inspired and even learn things I never knew.

It’s not like books or television, where I have to imagine the scenery, or wait for the story to unfold over long periods of agony. With movies, whether short film or feature, I get to experience the glory of interesting characters, suspenseful plot lines and beautiful imagery, all in one glorious compounded package.

To this day, I still get that heady rush when I go to the movies. I even did a bit of film study at uni, which pretty much reaffirmed my love of movies while simultaneously cementing my status as the world’s biggest film geek. For a while I even had serious thoughts of becoming a movie critic, and while my dreams of becoming the next Margaret Pomeranz remain just that, a dream, Em has been kind enough to invite me to write up movie reviews for this site, which I hope to kick start shortly.

While I haven’t actually gone ahead with a full blown movie review this time I thought it might be nice to introduce myself and give you a bit of an insight into the world of films, or at least my take on it.

For now it’s cheerio and here’s a little film trivia to end the night.

Did You Know? Natalie Portman dislocated her rib during production of Black Swan and discovered that the film’s budget was so low they couldn’t afford a medic. The actress gave up her trailer so one could be hired.Ref: http://www.totalfilm.com/features/60-greatest-movie-trivia-facts/black-swan-2010.

Did You Know? My favourite film of all time is The Godfather (you probably didn’t know this since you all just met me, but yeah!) Words cannot describe the epic-ness of this film. It is an absolute master class in storytelling, navigating the generational rise of the Corleone family in American mafia. If I were to write a proper review on it, it’d probably turn into an essay, because it is just that complex and brilliant. If you’re a cinema lover, you cannot go through life without seeing this film. Honestly the best film of all time. There I’ve said it!

Until next time,

Sabs xx


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