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Mummsy xx

Mummsy xx

Being a carer it is easy to caught in the every day stress and ongoings of your loved one, that you forget to look at the bigger picture and remember all the good times as well. A grief counsellor told me a great thing to do is to jot down some special memories and things that make you smile about the person you are caring for. It helps to focus on the nice times. So here is the start of my list for my mummy. 🙂

  • Baking all the time as a kid. She would let me lick the bowl and the mixers! My favourite has always been the gingerbread men, closely followed by her pavlova.
  • Painting on butchers paper in the kitchen.
  • Making mud pies.
  • Mum growing lots of strawberries in the backyard for us to eat to our hearts’ content.
  • Taking us camping.
  • Refusing to leave my side when I was in and out of hospital five years ago. She would sleep on the floor, right by my side.
  • Dressing up for my hens as Beyoncé and performing Single Ladies with my sister and best friend. Mum also made the penis piñata and penis toffees for the night!
  • Sewing and knitting me all sorts of clothes.
  • Telling me lots and lots of stories, especially about life in the country.
  • Gardening together.
  • Teaching me the importance for all women to learn and earn.
  • Being my cheerleader even when doing nerd burger activities such as debating!
  • Being a mum to our friends, our home was always open to them (some even lived with us for awhile).
  • Ability to make fun of herself – all worth it for a good laugh.
  • Always being on my side until I met my hubby, then usually being on his side 😉
  • Being the best Nana ever to my son.
  • Encouraging me to travel and see the world.
  • Teaching me that the worst quality in someone is dishonesty.
  • I love how she always talks in sayings like ‘a leopard never changes its spots’.

Plus so, so, so much more!!

Writing these down have seriously made me smile and I will keep adding to it. Proving to be really helpful on the tough days.

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  1. I think we should all make lists like this! It’s so easy to take our loved ones for granted x

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