Girl’s Best Friend

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend obviously never owned a dog.


As a dog lover myself, I whole heartedly agree with the above statement. The special bond between a girl and her best fur friend is epitomised in Jo and Heidi’s love affair. We sat down with Jo (who is also my little sister), to discuss her love of dogs and to share some advice regarding pooches.

Tell us more about your fur child Heidi

Words cannot describe why I love dogs. I always have and always will. They are fun, caring and beautiful.

My gorgeous girl is Heidi, a chocolate border collie. I fell in love with the breed after seeing Toby on Harry’s Practice as a kid. I chose Heidi ‘cause she was the runt of the litter and was by herself under a wheelbarrow on a farm while all the other puppies were running around. I connected with Heidi’s independent spirit straight away. She is a beautiful dog, always protecting/herding her wolf pack which consists of Labradors, blue heelers, a Japanese Spitz* and my two year old nephew Leo. She loves chasing birds, running after kangaroos and tennis balls, and snoozing on the couch.

Heidi loved eating flowers as a pup!

Heidi loved eating flowers as a pup!


Pooches get grubby and need some pampering. Where does Heidi go?

Shampooch at  Farrer Shops! Lovely staff and they brush out Heidi’s coat instead of shaving. As Heidi is a border collie it’s very important not to shave her coat as it would grow back thicker. The groomers at Shampooch also clip nails and look after your dog for the whole day which makes it easy to pick up after work hours.

Where do you source Heidi’s food from?

Some butchers will provide Roo Meat which can be  delivered to your house. Lately i haave been buying the Roo meat from Costco pet food section. The roo mince is packaged neatly into one kilo bags so defrosting is easy. One bag lasts my Heidi for about four days and it is fat free plus she loves the taste. Costco also have great large dog beds for only $30 with fashionable fabrics.

Where are your favourite dog parks?

We love Belconnen Dog park due to its size and the lake is close for Heidi and her friends to swim in. Yarralumla is great due to lots of trees to run around and has a pet friendly café next door. A list of fenced dog parks in Canberra can be found here.

Where do you take Heidi for holidays?

Avalon Holiday units have great two bedroom units where your dogs can come inside. Best dog beach is Broulee for off leash running and swimming.

Heidi and some of her wolf pack enjoying the beach.

Heidi and some of her wolf pack enjoying the beach.

Who is Heidi’s Doctor?

Brudine Veterinary Hospital in Melba provide amazing care. I have also dropped off stray dogs and injured birds at Brudine’s and the staff are more than happy to help re-home and care for the animals.

Jane Spate in Hall is great when you know what your dog needs, for example, eye ointment and don’t want to pay ridiculous price. She always puts the animals first.**


Heidi 12 weeks old with Jo.

Heidi 12 weeks old with Jo.

Do you have a fur child? Perhaps you are a crazy cat lady or own other pets? We would love to know!


*For you grammar nerds out there – did you know some dog breeds are capitalised while others not? Has to do with pronouns – interesting…

**I recommend Weston Woden Animal Hospital. Ivan is unreal and compassionate. That is where my fur child Alfie goes.


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