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A Scattered Ants necklace available through Bonty.

A Scattered Ants necklace available through Bonty.

At Amica we are all about celebrating women kicking ass! Bonnie Montgomery is one of these ladies. Bonnie has opened her online jewellery store Bonty. We sat down with Bonnie to find out more about what she is up to…


Tell us a bit of what Bonty is about:

Bonty is designed to support independent designers with an online platform that coordinates the selling and marketing of products on artists’ behalf. I would travel and find pieces I loved and not be able to remember designers’ names, or find their website, so with some encouragement from friends, I came up with the concept for Bonty – one place where quality contemporary jewellery would be available in one spot. As part of our ethos, all artists are paid in advance so they can plan and create with low risk.

Necklace by Boxy.

Necklace by Boxy.

What inspired you to start Bonty?

I personally cannot create jewellery, draw or design at all, but I have respect for others work and a love for jewellery. Combined with my skills in Communication and Marketing, I thought I could possibly start something special and fill a gap.

My inspiration is women who are driven towards creativity outside of their daily routine, take risks and work hard. My Mum is an incredibly hard worker, but always fostered creativity in our household and seeks her own creative satisfaction in pottery and cooking. It is women like her that I am inspired by, who have shown me that if you believe in your passion for something, regardless of what others think, give it a go.

How did you get the courage to launch Bonty?

I wanted a place where I could pursue my own interests, and with the support of friends who assisted with the concept, I started work on Bonty. To be honest I was quite scared that I wouldn’t be able to achieve what I wanted, or that no one would want to be involved. But then I figured that the worst that would happen is the website wouldn’t take off and I would just end up with some great jewellery – which seemed ok!

Designs By Chloe earrings.

Designs By Chloe earrings.


Tell us a bit about your designers and their products

We source materials by attending markets, trawling online blogs and websites, and through word of mouth. The style of jewellery we stock is typically quality, handmade, earthy, unique and on-trend. We aim to support emerging artists to reach a broader market. We currently stock pieces by Canberra, Central Coast, Melbourne and Sydney designers. In the coming months we will feature artists from both Australia and overseas.

Some of the designers we stock create jewellery full time, but most of the others have just started their business and work full time as well as create jewellery. The products that we stock are finely crafted. For example, many designers use polymer clay but Boxy and Not Tuesday who we feature have crafted it to perfection, with defined shapes and bright colours. Local Canberra designer Percival Luto have some incredibly unique rings that took over 12 months to design and perfect.

Ring by Percival Luto,

Ring by Percival Luto.


What trends are you seeing in the jewellery world?

Currently, statement pieces are very popular, but I’ve also seen many beautiful geometric shapes emerging and pieces that are made of organic material. I love to see individuals wearing beautiful jewellery every day, instead of just for special occasions.


Any advice for other young women wanting to start their own online business?

Develop a basic business plan and follow what you love. Many people told me to research your market and copy other concepts but I am a big believer in going your own way. Even if you fail, you’ll probably have fun and certainly learn something along the way.

You can follow Bonty on instagram  and Facebook.

What are your favourite jewellery pieces at the moment? Let us know below by leaving a comment!

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous! Love this. Thanks for the chance to win such beautiful bling! I’ve shared your comp on Twitter because everyone needs the chance to win some of this spunky, bright, fun (and did I say gorgeous?) jewellery! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sarah!
      Really appreciate You supporting our aim to recognise everyday women doing amazing things!
      You are totally right – every girl deserves some delightful jewellery 🙂

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