Surviving the Seattle Freeze

Rosalina Winter is an Aussie gal trying to survive the Seattle Freeze. Read on to discover it isn’t just the weather that can be icy…

Rosalina on her way to work...

Rosalina on her way to work…

The first year of living in Seattle was incredibly hard. It was tough because as an Aussie who grew up in sunny Wollongong and then went on to enjoy sunny winters living in Canberra, it seemed I just wasn’t built for the constant dreary weather and trying to survive the ‘Seattle Freeze’.

What is the ‘Seattle Freeze’ you may ask? It’s where the locals are friendly but impersonal. Making real friends here has been next to impossible. People say they want to catch up with you but then if you actually follow through with a casual text there is deafening silence. The locals will actually be annoyed at you because them saying they want to hang out is really code for ‘I never want to see you again.’

So along with a new vitamin D deficiency and culture shock, my mission was to thaw the locals out. Although I was married it felt like I was single again, trying to grow real relationships with potential friends with lots of friend dates.

It has felt like a job, where I network like crazy and actively get invites to social events. I would always be the one to follow up on organizing the next catch up in order to keep the momentum going so that it might lead to a real friendship.

Fast forward two years later and I have made some real friends here but have remained open to meeting new people. As an extrovert, I have skills in connecting with people and there are times where I still get iced but I shake it off and refuse to let it get to me. I know that it is definitely not me, it’s them. So my life continues as the sunny Aussie Ambassador..

Rosalina in warmer times.

Rosalina in warmer times.


Have you ever moved to another country or city and found it hard to connect with others? share your experiences by leaving a comment!

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