Don’t let your couch be your BFF this winter

As someone who thrives in the heat of an Australian summer, the arrival of winter, with its dark, cold, hard-to-get-out-of-bed days is not something I look forward to. When the temperature dips below 17 I’d rather crawl up into a ball on the couch than step outside.

But because I know that there’s only so many times you can watch Bridget Jones’s Diary in your dressing gown while gripping a mug of hot chocolate (or realistically, a bottle of red wine) before becoming a complete and utter looney, I’m always looking for winter activities that won’t turn my fingers and toes into icicles.

So whether you’re a winter-hater like me or not, I’ve compiled a list of activities guaranteed to warm up your winter (and not freeze your boobies off).

Couch potato

  1. Plan a winter country getaway. Whether it’s with a few of your closest friends, your man, your mum, or your kids, getting away from it all is a great way to brighten up those cold weekends. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Find somewhere a couple of hours’ drive away and book a self-contained cottage or bed and breakfast. Somewhere with a nice loungeroom where you can play boardgames or cards and drink wine (not the kids!) and just unwind and have a good old laugh. Try some of the local produce at the nearby cafes, bakeries and restaurants and if there are wineries or breweries nearby, even better! Pack some walking clothes or your bike and get in some exercise. Nothing like a bit of that crisp country air in your lungs to revive you. This brings me to my next point…
  2. Get outside and do some exercise. You’re probably thinking: ‘Is this woman mad? I thought this was about warm activities’. It might sound a little odd but getting the blood pumping while out in the fresh, cold air is a great way to increase your body temperature. You’ll actually stay warm for hours after, too (and the hot shower at the end helps). Obviously you’ll need to rug up a bit before heading out, but you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll start taking off those layers of clothing (ooohhh!) and sweating up a storm.
  3. Invite some friends over. This one is my favourite. Why? Because it means I don’t have to leave the house (best ever). Invite some friends over and ask everyone to bring a dish and have a pot luck dinner. Or use it as a chance to impress them with your fantastic cooking skills. Or, just order pizza. Play cards, watch a movie, or just sit and chat and listen to music. Just make sure you turn the heating on.
  4. Be entertained at the theatre or make your brain cells explode with a public lecture. When was the last time you visited your local library, university or theatre? You’d be surprised by how talented (and ridiculously smart) the locals are in your area. Head along to watch a local theatre group’s next show or the next lecture or forum at your local library, council or university.
  5. Do some indoor exercise, such as trampolining, rock climbing, soccer, go-karting or ten pin bowling. It might seem a little old school, but indoor activities and sports are not just for school excursions or kids’ birthday parties. Us adults have every right to enjoy them as much as the younger generation and, hey, sometimes they sell alcohol. This will help you laugh at yourself after you crash into every tyre on the go-kart course or realise that maybe you should used the bumper bowling lanes afterall (trust me).
  6. Join, or start your own, book club. Winter is the perfect time to catch up on reading. Whether it’s raining, dark or just plain cold outside, rugging up with a good book is hard to beat. But sometimes, like when there are clothes to be washed, mouths to be fed and dinner to be cooked, we can feel a little guilty about relaxing with a book. This is why a book club is great. Speaking from experience, they’re a huge motivator. You don’t want to be the only one at book club who hasn’t read the book now, do you! Oh the shame!

Are you a winter hater or a summer soaker-up-erer? How do you get through the cold months without becoming a hermit and abandoning all your friends? Let us know!




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