What is Good?

Rose Males is an Aussie blogger currently living in the USA. Rose is passionate about spirituality in our modern world. You can find out more at her blog. Today she shares a poem with us…

Image supplied by Rose Males.

What is good? Can anyone tell me?
They say, “I’m a good person,” but what does that show me?

Good is relative to the heart that declares it;
The eye of the beholder defines good as she knows it.

For you it means one thing, for me it’s another;
Yet does this easy resolution end up leaving the most clutter?

It was once said that no one is good except God;
An archaic idea to today’s world of thought.

Yet I can’t help but ask, is it so? Could it be?
That an absolute good stands judge over me?

Murder? I’d never! Steal? That’s just wrong!
But lust, gossip, cuss? I’m just one of the throng.

You see just as good is all relative, so it is with evil as well;
What one sees as sin, another sees as natural.

So where does truth lie in these shifting sands?
It’s found in the firm, strong, grip of a hand.

A hand pierced with nails and hung on a tree;
A hand, and a heart, a life given for me.

Seek and you’ll find, knock and he’ll answer;
for absolute good is found in the Saviour.

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