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Today we chat to Gina Ciancio from Style Curator about her love of interior design. Plus, she gives us some house decorating tips!

Gina Ciancio, Creative Directer and Owner of Style Curator

Gina Ciancio, Creative Directer and Owner of Style Curator

Amica: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Gina: I grew up in Brisbane and moved to Canberra seven years ago for work. I only planned to stay for a year or two but met my now husband in my first week and that changed my plans around! I’ve always loved interior design and decorating, from a young age I would rearrange and restyle my bedroom almost weekly (and drove my parents mad!). This year I decided to take my love of the home and my love of social media to start a blog. It’s been great to connect with other people who share the same passion and to meet so many talented architects, stylists, artists and other people in the arts and design industry.

Amica: What led to your love for interior design?

Gina: It’s something I’ve just always loved from a young age. As a teenager most of my friends spent their money on new outfits and I would spend mine on new accessories for my room, ha ha. I would create my bedrooms around a colour palette and have themed décor to match.

I bought my first home six or seven years ago, an old ex-housing commission home that needed a lot of work. I felt like I was on The Block, ripping out carpets and repainting the entire house. Now I’m excited to start a new build and create a home we really love.

Amica: Tell us a bit about Style Curator

Gina: Style Curator is a blog for people who appreciate design and want regular inspiration and ideas to create a more stylish home. We share our love of interior design and decorating, renovation and home improvement tips, insights from experts and tours of beautiful homes. At Style Curator you’ll also find original articles about upcoming artists, how-tos, top finds for your home and interviews with people in the industry.

I started the blog in June this year to combine my love of the home with my passion for social media.

Amica: We hear you are in the process of building a new home. What design and look and feel are you going for?

Gina: Yes, very exciting! Our home will be quite contemporary with a bit of an industrial feel. I really love marble and metallics at the moment though so hopefully there’ll be room in the budget to splash out a bit.

Amica: What do you see as the next trends coming through in interiors?

Gina: Right now there is a lot of velvet and other rich textures coming through in furniture and décor. Greg Natale just launched his new furniture range with Style Craft that includes the most incredible blue velvet chair and artists like Rachel Castle and Kip and Co have velvet bed linen that’s incredible. There’s also a movement back to Danish inspired design with lots of classic shapes coming back in the form of side boards, dining tables and chairs.


Amica: What are the top three things our readers can do to create a relaxed and comfy home?

Gina: I suggest thinking about all the senses to create an inviting home. One of the first things a person notices in a home is the lighting. Soft lighting with lamps rather than ceiling lights can be one of the quickest and easiest tricks to immediately change the feel in your home. Mixing textures, particularly in the bedrooms and living area, invites people to enter the space – think soft wools, quilted fabrics and crisp linens. Smell is another important sense – especially if you have pets inside – and I love to burn candles to make my home smell like a day spa.

Amica: What is the biggest no no when it comes to home decorating?

Gina: I’d say like fashion, it’s easy to get caught up in current trends. Despite what’s ‘in’ I would encourage people to keep true to their own sense of style and only select pieces that reflect that. You don’t want a home that is completely matchy matchy and look like it has come straight out of a catalogue, it’s best to show your personality and have a bit of fun with it.

Amica: If money was no object, what one furnishing would you buy? Why?

Gina: I would really love to buy two of those blue velvet chairs by Greg Natale for my new living room because they are such beautiful and classic pieces that I would keep forever. For me living rooms that look best use different seating arrangements, such as sofas that don’t belong to a set and occasional chairs.

Greg Natale's blue velvet chair.

Greg Natale’s blue velvet chair.

Do you love home decor as much as us? Do you have a question for Gina? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi Gina, Love your decorating tips. I hope you have a lot of fun building your new home. Can’t wait to read stories and see pictures x

  2. Gina – loved this post and will enjoy reading more of your tips and info! I won’t be building a new home – but will be renovating and renewing the existing one (by the time it will be finished will almost be like building a new one) and will need many style tips and ideas. Thanks Gina and lovely to meet you at Annie Sloan event at Pro Blogger.

    • Hi Jennifer, it was great meeting you at ProBlogger too! Great that you liked these tips and hopefully I can share others to help you as your home renovation is underway. Sounds like you have a big task ahead of you!

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