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Gina from Style Curator is back with us, this time sharing a DIY project…

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Macrame hanging pots have been trending for a while but we’re putting a new twist on the idea!

Taking inspiration from traditional macramé hanging pots and the Japanese art form of Kokedama (green moss balls), today’s DIY shows how to create a mess free hanging succulent at home.

You will need:
– Hanging basket liner (we got this one for under $4 from Bunnings)
– Succulent
– Small round glass votive (this one is from the local dollar shop)
– Scissors
– Cloth tie (we also got this from Bunnings for approx. $8)
– Thread and needle

DIY Hanging Succulent_Items you will need



1. Cut the basket liner down to size so that when you hug it around your glass votive, it’s flush with the glass rim.

2. Cut four wedges out of the lining so it can wrap tightly around the glass.

DIY Hanging Succulent_Remove wedges

3. Using a needle and thread, hand sew the lining into a cup shape. It’s best to put the glass votive inside to measure where the overlaps should be.

DIY Succulent Hanger_Sew corners over

4. Plant your succulent in the votive and place it inside your basket cup.

5. Using Cloth tie, tightly wrap the basket around the votive.

DIY Hanging Succulent_Tightly wrap basket around succulent

6. To hang your succulent, cut two lengths of cloth tie approximately 1 metre long. Tie the two stands together in the middle then tie another knot 5 centremetres from either side of that knot. Keep tying knots until you have a circle of 4-7 knots that will support your succulent.

7. Place your succulent over the knots and fit your mini knot basket snugly around the succulent. Ensure the lengths of cloth tie are on opposite sides of the basket so it’s balanced.

8. Tie a final knot at the end of the cloth tie lengths (to create the hanging ropes) and hang your basket.

There you have our no-mess interpretation of a hanging succulent planter!

You can hang these indoors in a sunny spot or outside, just remember not to overwater your succulent.

This DIY also works for any small plants if you would prefer to use a fern, flowering plant or even cactus.

What other clever and creative hanging planters have you seen or made? Tell us in the comments below!

You can find more DIYs and other home inspiration at Style Curator.

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