Domestic Goddess Apprenticeship


I never was naturally the domestic type. Messy and a hoarder by nature, cleaning and home making was at the bottom of my list. Simply, I would rather be doing something else.

My future dreams didn’t really involve the domestic sphere, instead I had nerdy aspirations of power suits, conquering the corporate world or working in human rights.

Of course I have always kept up my end of the bargain, having chores while living at home and doing the standard two-hour Saturday morning clean when hubby and I started co-habituating.

But now I find myself where I never truly imagined myself to be – domestic duties being the main part of the day.

The first time I got taste as a fulltime ‘housekeeper’ was during maternity leave with my first child. But it was nothing compared to this time around with a tornado toddler and baby.

But this time I’m actually kinda enjoying it (except on some particularly tiresome days). I feel like I’m providing more than a service, but love to my family. Of course the repetition can be frustrating, that the neatness never lasts when kids are involved, but I’m trying to let this go and appreciate the privilege I have as a home maker.

So here are a few things/tools I am using in my domestic goddess apprenticeship:

The biggest thing I’ve been into the last year or so is the idea of simple living. Removing ‘stuff’ from our home so it feels more calm. I dig the philosophy behind this movement, that ‘stuff’ is not really needed and by becoming content with what you need rather than want, brings more peace. It allows you to focus on what is really satisfying in life. It is also about enjoying your special possessions everyday, not only on rare occasions. I’ve started by using my good crockery as our main plates and bowls. My home is a long way off clutter free but we are on our way. A fantastic blog on simple living is Slow Your Home with guides and tasks to get you started.

I suck at cooking, again for the lack of interest. Part of my domestic apprenticeship is to rectify this. I’ve found slow cooked meals have been my friend as I can prepare earlier in the day while kids are still relatively calm, thus avoiding trying to prepare a meal during the arsenic hours. Pinterest is a great source of recipes and there is even Facebook pages dedicated to slow cooked meals.

Baking has become a favourite pass time for my toddler and I, he loves the Peppa Pig premix selections you can get at Coles (we aren’t at the soufflé stage yet).

Gardening is actually something I’ve always loved so I like to think I’m ok with this skill set. Some of the most important things to know is correct plant selection for the soil and space, correct watering (some need everyday, others not) and weed control.

So there you have it. Do you have any housekeeping tips? Please share by leaving a comment below – this apprentice needs all the help I can get!

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