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Over the last two days I’ve had with different friends the same convo – how as mums we look at other people’s social media accounts and think ‘wow, they have it so together, going out for coffees, clean house and impeccably dressed bubs’. We compare ourselves and feel we come up short.

Then I mentally slap myself and remember that it is filtered, cropped and selected. A snap shot of their reality. That nothing and no one are perfect 100% of the time.

Yes, I like and appreciate beautiful images and captures as much as the next person, I use filters all the time and somewhat ‘stage’ certain shots by positioning Bub in the right way.

But in honour of my quest to be ‘real’ and to let others know your life is stunning even if it doesn’t look like a magazine shoot, here are some unfiltered, real pics I’ve taken today.

Taken in ‘real time’ while writing this on my iPhone as Bub is asleep in his capsule. No makeup, no hair styling:

Kitchen after the morning rush:


Feeding Bub with his big bro:


It is all perspective. I can look at the earlier kitchen shot and think ‘I’m such a failure, didn’t get to clean before I went out’ or use self love and flip it to ‘I am so blessed that my family have food in their bellies and live in a home with a functional kitchen’. I’m learning each day to train my mind for a better outlook.

Would love it if you joined me! Yes, You and I will still use filters etc, but if you want to make a statement of ‘realness’, hashtag #amica4real on your Instagram pics which just capture, no editing required.

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  1. Awesome Em, always keeping it real. You are beautiful and an amazing mum, messy kitchen and all! Xx

    • Thank you so much Em J!!
      It means the world to me and encourages me to ‘keep putting myself out there’. I’m getting more comfortable with being ‘real’ because in the end we are all human, flaws and all. Hopefully by showing our ‘realness’ allows others to be more ok with themselves as well.
      Much love xx

  2. This is so true Em! I am often jealous of pics stylish mums, with gorgeous hair and immaculately dressed bubs sitting happily in their pram while mum is lunching at some delish cafe. Some days I am flat out showering and lucky if my hair gets a brush through it! It’s hard to keep bub’s outfit coordinated, let alone immaculate, when he has more costume changes than J-LO. As for sitting happily in the pram, yeah that happened once…for about 5 mins! Dining out involves a bub on the boob while mum scoffs a ‘one-hand-friendly’ snack! But I too am guilty of often only posting the highlights…time to start including the behind the scenes me thinks!

    • Thanks Mel!
      Totally agree with everything you just said and thanks for inspiring this post!
      You are doing an amazing job yummy mummy!! Xx

  3. I’d take a photo of me trying to get my babes asleep but my boob is out again! #humanpacifier

  4. Oh I love this post! You are absolutely beautiful and can I just say, your kitchen looks exactly like mine – loved and lived in! I particularly connected with your comment “It’s all perspective”. You’re so right. Either we can look at our lives, our family, our home and ‘think it’s not x, y, z enough’ or we can look at it and see love, laughter, great memories, comfort, security and happiness. Who needs a filter for that? Great post Emma! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah!
      I just checked out your site and read your ‘about’ page – sounds great and I signed up to your newsletter 🙂 sounds like you have total perspective of what matters in life.
      Don’t forget we have a competition on atm to celebrate girl power. Hope you can enter, find out more here.

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