Merrymaking Sisters

Carla and Emma Papas

Carla and Emma Papas

Meet the Merrymaker Sisters, two gals that have been able to turn their shared passion into full time careers and a booming business. Read on to find out more…

Amica: Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

MS: We’re Emma and Carla Papas we grew up in Canberra, Australia. We had a pretty standard Aussie upbringing, it was amazing! We spent hours upon hours outside, running around like maniacs (not much has changed really!).

We both started working part time while still at High School. Emma got a job in a sandwich shop when she was 13 years old and a couple years later got Carla a job there. After college Emma studied Events Management at TAFE while waitressing at the National Convention Centre (NCC) in Canberra. After her TAFE studies she worked as an Events Coordinator at NCC, later moving to a Government events position. She is just about to finish her Bachelor in Advertising. Carla studied an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations and (you guessed it) worked casually at the NCC. She gained a Government role within Communications and then studied towards her Bachelor of Public Relations at the same time, graduating in 2012.

Our government jobs were in the same department and we pretty much sat next to each other.

Woha! We just realised we’ve been working together for about 11 years!

Paleo baked plantain chips

Paleo baked plantain chips

Amica: What is the Merrymaker Sisters about? What inspired you to start this adventure?

MS: The Merrymaker Sisters started organically from our passion of the paleo / primal lifestyle and sharing pictures of our food and recipes on social media. People were after our recipes, so we started a blog! At the start there wasn’t much thought at all! We originally started the Merrymaker adventure to simply share our paleo recipes. Just a few short months in we knew that this ‘blogging thing’ was what we wanted to do! So we put all our energy and passion into it. Learnt everything we could and just took action after action.

We always knew we wanted more than the 9-5 daily grind, we just hadn’t found it until we discovered the paleo lifestyle! We love that we’re able to spread a healthy and happy message to thousands of people. We truly feel that we’re making a positive dent in this beautiful, big world of ours, which just motivates us to keep on going!

Paleo savoury crepes with bacon and avocado.

Paleo savoury crepes with bacon and avocado

Amica: You have been able to achieve the dream of making your passion also your full time income. Can you tell us a bit about how you achieved this? Advice for others out there wanting to do the same?

MS: Since leaving our old jobs we haven’t stopped smiling! Our old jobs were the one thing stopping us in creating lives we loved. We believe that finding your true passion, or your bliss is a blessing. Not everyone finds it! If you’ve found yours, then you owe it to the world and yourself to follow the heck out of it. Don’t stop. Just keep taking action after action after action and you will achieve great things and positively change this world. If you’re still searching for your bliss, then get creative, do things you love, try new things, eventually it’ll come your way.
Before you leave your job we’d also recommend you make some clear goals and be prepared to work your butt off! Always remember your passion and why your following it.

Paleo chocolate raspberry ganache cake

Paleo chocolate raspberry ganache cake

Amica: What is it like working as sisters?

MS: There are honestly zero cons and a whole lot of pros! We work extremely well together and have so much fun! A hard day ‘in the office’ includes many cups of tea and dance breaks. The Merrymaker Sisters has only strengthened our bond, as we own and run a business there’s just no time for any silly sister nonsense! We’re business partners and best-sister-friends.

Amica: What is next for you two?

MS: Embarking on project #fulltimemerrymakers just 9 weeks ago was a huge step for us! Which means we have so much more time to produce exciting and new content! This coming year, we’re developing a Merrymaker App, launching a podcast, Merrymaker TV as well as some new eBooks too! It’s full steam ahead! Our latest eBooks, Make It Sweet Minus The Sugar, Make Your Bread Paleo and Make Your Kids’ Party Paleo have had a great response and this was super motivating for us!

The Merrymaker Sisters

The Merrymaker Sisters

You can find the Merrymaker Sisters here:
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Do you have any questions for the Merrymaker Sisters? Let us know my leaving a comment below!


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