One Two Nine with Ayesha Carson


Ayesha with daughter Nuri.

Ayesha with daughter Nuri


Meet Ayesha – mummy, wifey, graphic designer by trade and now business owner of One Two Nine. One Two Nine specialises in textiles for little humans including quilts, cushions, drips and pram liners. Ayesha has a killer design aesthetic. Read on to learn more…

Amica: How did One Two Nine come about?

Ayesha: When I was pregnant with Nuri (Ayesha’s now toddler), I was having trouble finding children bedding and home furnishings that appealed to me. So I started making my own. Friends and family noticed so I made more as gifts, along with bits and pieces for them. This evolved into One Two Nine. We picked the name One Two Nine as that is how Nuri used to count (laughs).

One Two Nine is based on Nordic/Scandinavian design. This clean, fresh and contemporary style appeals to me along with our customers. Our pieces do not outdate so the children can grow up with them.

One Two Nine quilts

One Two Nine quilts

Amica: You are working full time during the day, raising Nuri and running a household while operating One Two Nine. How do you create a work/life balance?

Ayesha: I haven’t but working on it! I try to sew as soon as Nuri goes to bed. One Two Nine is currently a one woman operation so I’m often up late. If I have a really big order I call in Danny’s (Ayesha’s hubby) Aunty to help. We didn’t expect One Two Nine to grow so fast. We have only been in operation since July, and only have used Instagram for promotion.

The business model of bulk ordering materials and making limited stock enables some more control over workflows. It also lets us test the waters and see what stock moves faster, so I know what is working.

One Two Nine flat blanket

Amica: What advice do you have for our readers who would like to give their own business idea a shot?

Ayesha: Just give it a go. Sometimes it will be a success, sometimes not, but it is better than wondering. Also, don’t give up straight away. The very beginning of a business is tough and questions like “Is this worth it”? “Where will I find the time”? will be present. Keep on going. Thankfully I have family close to help out with Nuri, so having supporting networks is invaluable.

Help the tooth fairy by using this super cute One Two Nine pillow

Help the tooth fairy by using this super cute One Two Nine pillow


Amica: What is next for One Two Nine?

Ayesha: We have been getting interior stylists featuring our products in their mood boards which is fantastic, as this means our products are speaking for themselves. We will have new stock arriving in the new year and will continue doing custom orders.

Amica: Please tell us you will do adult size quilts!?!?

Ayesha: Perhaps, you never know!

Have you got a hobby you want to turn into a business? What is stopping you? Or have you taken the hobby to business plunge? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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