Betty Ares – Girl Power Competition Winner!


Amica and Bonty are proud to announce the winner of our Girl Power competition is the amazing Betty Ares!! Betty was nominated by her daughter Yesica. We really shouldn’t use the word ‘competition’ because life isn’t a competition and all the nominations are super impressive. it was so hard for the independent panel* to choose between all the fantastic entries and we will be featuring these women in the upcoming weeks.

But for now, keep on reading to find out about Betty in her daughter’s words…

I’m going to enter my mummy for girl power!!

Betty Ares.

Betty Ares.

She’s awesome and she¬†always does the best she can. This woman moved to Australia at 21 not speaking a word of English to start a life here. She cried and cried before she was able to leave the house because she was so afraid to speak English and move around! She worked in factory lines in Sydney to get started in life and she slowly improved her English and made it!! Who would have thought a little girl from the amazon jungle of Peru would end up a woman in Canberra Australia. She’s girl power for so many different reasons but one of the reasons I love her so much is her ongoing love and dedication to looking after children. She was orphaned losing her mother to cancer at 5years of age and her father leaving her, her brothers And sisters to fend for themselves. Her dedication to making sure children feel loved, cared for and nurtured is girl power to the max!!!

Thanks Yesica, Betty will receive a $100 voucher for Bonty jewellery and you will receive $50 voucher yourself.

*We selected an independent panel as many of the nominees were gals we know in ‘real life’.

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