Alex and Brigettte


Alex and Brigette

Brigette nominated Alex for our girl power competition and ended up being our first runner up. Read on to find out more about these dear friends…

I would love to tell you about one of my best friends Alex.

We grew up together at the coast and she has always shown a flair in creativity, be it with designing an award winning costume dress up or painting something amazing!

She has an incredible sense of style and always makes me feel great about myself, even though she’s a size 8 and I’m a size 16. I always buy too many clothes in Melbourne when I visit because she always makes me feel a million bucks!

Over the years, she has shown true friendship with travelling all night to be at my 21st or to my mothers funeral. She is always there. That’s why I think of her as a sort of sister.

Due to her passion to succeed, Alex began a market stall and a freelance decorating business only a few years ago. She worked in a Melbourne home wears shop for years on low pay and then was FINALLY approached by Freedom Furniture Preston. She is now their Interior Decorator and Visual Merchandising Manager. She has recently won a Freedom merchandising, Australia wide competition for her work. Which you can see on her Instagram.

She has also been featured in a short film for the Interior Decorator service at freedom you can watch here.

How’s that for girl power!

That’s all. I hope you enjoy reading about my friend Alex! She’s one of the most awesome girls I know and I’m so proud to have her in my life! I just can’t wait to see what she achieves next!!!!


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  1. Having Alex as a work collegue is a honour. She is passionate,hardworking and fun to be around!!!

  2. This has just made my day and brought a tear to my eye! It’s reminded me how great my friends are and just how special you are brige xx

    • That’s what we are all about here at Amica, reminding ourselves how amazing our girlfriends are and championing each other on 🙂 x

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