A Whole Lotta Girl Power…

Today we are sharing more nominations from our previous competition. Read on for a whole lotta girl power…


Gillian Watson, nominated by her sister Kirsty Watson-Bellato

Gillian with her gorgeous family at Kirsty's wedding

Gillian with her gorgeous family at Kirsty’s wedding


My sister displays Girl Power constantly,  but when I went in to labour recently she came and took my three year old for the night even though she was exhausted having spent the previous two days at Westmead hospital in Sydney with her disabled son. She puts up with so much, but is still there for me. She is Girl Power!


Liz Crane, nominated by her daughter Shannon Crane


Liz and Shannon. Liz is dressed up as Queen Lizzie for a family friend's 21st party.

Liz and Shannon. Liz is dressed up as Queen Lizzie for a family friend’s 21st party.

I want to nominate my mum Liz Crane for the girl power competition. For the past 40 years she’s cared for other people as a nurse. She’s also been faced with her own health battles – she managed to kick lymphoma’s butt after being diagnosed in 2006. The experience has only made her stronger and her sense of humour and caring attitude make her the best mum ever.


Rachel MacDonald, nominated by Sarah Jensen

Rachel MacDonald, full of girl power.

Rachel MacDonald, full of girl power.

A woman I think has shown incredible girl power is the beautiful, soulful, Rachel MacDonald. She blogs at In Spaces Between and runs the Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course. She is a woman who inspires and empowers other women to step into their power and make their dreams a reality. She brings love, light and abundant energy to everyone she encounters. Through her course she connects like-minded souls and helps them share their story and their soul with the world. I respect and admire Rachel and the amazing community she’s created. The world needs more girls shouting their truth from the rooftops and supporting and encouraging other women to do the same.

*You can follow Sarah here.


Soudalay Thammavongsa, nominated by her friend Emma Jones

Soudalay with one of her gorgeous girls.

Soudalay with one of her gorgeous girls.

I will nominate Soudalay Thammavongsa! Raising two girls as a single parent and starting her own photography business with international peers at the same time is quite impressive! I know I would not deal with the break-down of my marriage with the same grace.


Jessica Willis nominated by Sarah Conlan

Sarah and Jessica (Jessica is on the right)

Sarah and Jessica (Jessica is on the right)

Where to begin, I am blessed to know many strong independent women who show ‘girl power’. One woman that instantly springs to mind is my dear friend Jessica Willis. And she is all sorts of girl power up in here. This Jessica Willis girl has been and is currently super passionate about saving lives. She applied to study para-medicine but was not accepted (god only knows why!). She then worked as a triple zero hero in Canberra for quiet some time, saving lives and being awesome. She finally made her mind up that she was going to give para-medicine another crack so packed up her life belongings and moved herself to Brisbane where she is currently studying paramedics (and kicking ass Willis style). Power to you girl friend!


Corrine Verschuur, nominated by her sister Emma Kelly


*soz no picture available…


My sister, Corrine, has shown girl power over the past six years. She doesn’t want sympathy or for people to feel sorry for her. She just wants to have a good time and live her life to the fullest. And boy does she do that. When her daughter was six months old, little girl’s father left them… Corrine was then left to pay all the bills which didn’t leave her much for food some weeks. She became a Tupperware consultant to get extra cash and meet new people.  About a year later she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. The doctors said they were lucky to get it when they did. Three operations later, she is now fully recovered. Corrine does have a scar from this ordeal but it reminds her of how strong she was and is. She has had to bring her daughter up all on her own and is doing an amazing job. I take my hat off to her. We have some strong women in the family so it doesn’t surprise me Corrine is just as strong and determined.


Layla nominated by her mum Sarah Flynn



I would like to nominate my wonderful daughter Miss Layla. She shows her girl power spirit every day! Her use of the word ‘no’ whilst holding out one hand whilst the other is on her hip, just gets better every time! She knows nothing of boundaries and cares nothing for rules. She is seriously awesome! One day she will rule the world!

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