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After having kids, my body shape changed and I have to rethink my wardrobe choices. I’m sure I’m not the only one. So I asked my yummy mummy friend Andrea Garg to share some of her fashionista tips…

I’ve recently become a new mumma again, for the second time round. My first, 3 years old and now my second, 3 months old.

Second time around, I’d like to think I’ve learnt from things I could’ve done better with my first (hindsight is a godsend). Some of these learnings include:

  • the ability to read tired cues better
  • understand the different type of cry’s
  • acknowledge that this baby has a different personality to my first, and
  • (the holy grail) encouraging better sleep patterns (for both bub and myself).

Another one of those learnings is how to better dress myself for my body during this ‘transition’ period.

I define this time of ‘transition’ as the period where you’ve had bub in the last few months and your body is still healing. This time period can vary from mum to mum, in my book it can last up to 12 months (which it did with my first).

After baby number 1 I found there wasn’t a need to try and get back to my ‘pre-baby body’ in any hurry. Most days were at home with bub, sleeping when he slept – and I lived in my trackies. Pjs were my outfit of choice most days, and back then, I was comfortable with that.

Now, after baby number 2, I was hoping for that same latitude to be thrown my way – it’s ok to remain in the house all day in my pjs. Some days I can get away with it, but most days my 3 year old has other ideas.

He expects me to still do the pick ups and drop off to day care, on days off take him to the park, shopping center, movies, swimming pool and friends house for play dates. Our dog also expects to be taken on walks and to the park, and quiet frankly my husband expects that I will do my fair share with the dinner preparation on a fairly regular basis! How dare they!?!

Basically, just because I’ve had a baby, doesn’t mean things stop – there are people (animals included) in this house that are dependent on me to keep things ‘moving’.

So no time to lie around in jimjams – although, some days do call for it!

2 rules I try and follow:


  1. Loose tops and skinny bottoms
    Now when I say loose tops, I’m not necessarily talking potato sacks. Tops that have gathers, rousching and are flowy. Pairing tops like these with skinny/slim-line bottoms help to emphasise length through the body without focusing on the tummy area (my point of weakness).My staple go-tos are a white V-neck t-shirt with leggings. Accessories can dress the outfit up or down. For example a chunky necklace or a funky summer slider. If you are a breastfeeding mum like me, just combine a flowy top with a plain camisole underneath (Kmart sell some great stretchy ones for $5), so when feeding there is no stomach exposure. This way you aren’t limited to the nursing tops that aren’t necessarily the most stylish around.
  2.  Colour palette

    Stick with colours that you are comfortable wearing. I’m finding monochromatic tones to be my muse this time around. Blacks, whites and greys. These tones also tend to be slimming and you can afford to splurge on a few more-expensive pieces, as these colours don’t go out of style.

    If you love colour, think about bringing colour in through accessories or nails.

I’ve put together outfits together: 1 causal, and 1 a little more dressier – given the festive season is on our doorstep.



If it’s too hot for leggings, try a nice comfortable pair of shorts.





Maxi dresses are great for the party season – flowy and cover the right areas.

Finally, whatever your style, just remember regardless of shape or size, confidence completes any outfit (including trackies)!

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