Felicity does a triathlon

Felicity and I met years ago (I mean in the stoneage when we were in highschool), when we played soccer on team. She had the best throw-in I have ever seen. She is now a mother, wifey, teacher and most recently, a triathlete. Read on to find out more…


Amica: What made you want to do a full triathlon? Was this your first?

Felicity: I wanted to lose the baby weight and do something I would enjoy too. I did triathlons back in high school 17 years ago and loved them as I could swim and bike.

Amica: You are a busy mum to three, including a two year old and baby! How did you manage to train (child minding etc)?

Felicity: I have a very supportive hubby. I did need to be organized with expressing and feeding before training. I am also truely blessed my bub is pretty calm and goes with the flow of life.

Amica: Often we have a big goal but then lose motivation. Can you share how you stayed motivated?

Felicity: I was motivated that it was time for me and I got to socialize while exercising. I think that’s why I kept with it so well because of all the talking I did in each training session and will continue too.

Amica: What it next? Training for another triathlon?

Felicity: Just did another tri today and did myself proud. I am reaching all my goals and enjoying myself while doing it. I feel balanced and a better mum after I have had that time for me. I did have to breastfeeding straight after my race but it made me feel like a million bucks!!

Have you taken on a physical challenge post birth? Have you set a fitness goal for 2015? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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