Ready, Set, Goal!

This week we are thrilled to have guest blogger Amanda Clark from Life in Review share with us practical advice on how to reach our 2015 goals, whether they are big or small. Read on for the first instalment of this two-part series…


Blogger Amanda Clark

Blogger Amanda Clark


We all have those goals that seem out of reach or just a wish that we tuck away for some other day, but it doesn’t have to be like that. We can really, with hard work, push through the procrastination and start working towards what we really want.

But before we get stuck into the first step, I just want to quickly touch base on something extremely important.

Believe in yourself!

You have to really feel that you can achieve these goals and damn right you can. Anyone can do anything if they really want it bad enough. Fight for your goals. Remember, they won’t happen over night but don’t get defeated by minor setbacks or if you think it will take too long. Stay positive and remember to keep the passion. Remember why you wanted to pursue this goal in the first place.


Step one: Get it out there!

This means getting it out of your head and out somewhere where you can acknowledge it everyday. If it stays in your head then it just may stay as a dream or a wish. Put your dream somewhere where you can see it all the time. Here’s some tips on how to do just that!

1. Create a vision board. This one is great for visual people. What’s a vision board? If you have never heard of one, a vision board is where you collect pictures, quotes, colours or anything that is related to your goals and place them on a board. It can be a magnet board, cork board, picture frame etc. Other ways are to use your computer to make one and save it as your desktop so it is there to remind you every single time you start up your computer. Another great tip is to print it out and stick a copy onto the glass of your shower or mirror. Then there is no escaping it!



2. Write it down. Not into vision boards? Totally fine. The point is to just get it out there. Write it in your favourite notebook, diary, schedule book, anywhere that you know you will see it everyday. Set up a nice good morning message on your computer if that is easier for you.


3. Tell people about it. I don’t just mean anyone. Tell those special people who you know will support you, continue to talk about it and might even give you a few kicks up the butt along the way to help keep you on track.

It had long since come to my attention that people of

accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.

They went out and happened to things. – Leonardo da Vinci

Step two:  Taking action.

This is it! Time to start taking things to the next step. It’s time to move your goal/dream out of your comfort zone and start working towards an end result. So how do we do that? By taking action!

1. Set mini goals. Have a big goal? Or even a small one? Setting mini goals that can help achieve your overall goal will help make things seem less daunting. Also accomplishing the mini goals will help keep your confidence and positivity by having the little wins before you get to the grand win!


2. Create steps. If you like knowing how you are going to get to your end result, why not create a plan that shows step by step on how you are going to reach it? Sit down and write down everything you know you need to do to successfully complete your goal/dream. Once you have everything written down, write your step by step guide with your answers.


3. Daily or weekly action plan. This one is great to help you keep on track, especially if your life is already quite busy. When you have so much going on, it can help you remember exactly what you wish to achieve and get done that day/week.

Action Plan


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Do you make vision boards? How do you focus on your goals? Let us know!

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  1. As a financial planner, this is similar to how I help clients reach their goals too, along with providing financial coaching or life coaching. This is what makes my financial planning firm a lot different to other advisory firms. Bring on 2015!

    • Thanks for sharing Gianna!
      It must be so rewarding to work in a job focused on helping people reach their potential. So many goals and dreams are related to finances and sounds like you are helping them become a reality 🙂

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