Ready, Set, Goal! Part 2


Hope you all have had an inspiring and productive week! We believe in you! Read on for the rest of Amanda Clark’s advice around reaching our goals…


How are you feeling after the last post?

Do you feel like you are edging closer to your goal?

Can you see the finish line just over the horizon?

Are you feeling more confident?


I hope you can start to see an end towards your goal or at least feel like you can work towards an end. The hardest part about completing your goals or dreams is actually starting it. Sometimes our dreams can seem so big that it may seem too hard or too much work to actually achieve them, but if we break it down into steps and work towards them bit by bit, we can achieve them!


Step three: Put it in concrete.


So on the last post, we took action. We stepped out of our comfort zones and made a commitment to our goals. This week we are taking it a step further by setting things in concrete. Let’s do this!


1. Set an end date. Having an end date or a goal date will help keep you motivated to finish those goals and have everything ready to launch at your chosen date.


2. Arrange a timeline. If having one end date doesn’t sound good to you then why not make up a timeline. Set up a month to month timeline showing what you want to have finished at the end of every month.  Setting yourself a timeline will also help you to make sure your goal is achievable whilst keeping things practical.


So open up those diaries and schedule those dates in. This is exciting!


Step four: Seek guidance and do some research!


1. Ask for help! I know sometimes we don’t want to admit we need help or maybe we are afraid to ask for help in general. I am here to tell you, don’t be afraid to ask for help or seek guidance. There are people who may have done what you are aspiring to do. There maybe people who have tried but haven’t quite got there yet. All these people have stories and in those stories might be some great lessons and tips for you!


2. Do your research. Have a look around your area of interest and research what other people have done. Look at what’s available. Maybe test a few things that are already out there. Read up on the topic of your goal or dream. The more knowledge you have, the more confident you will feel when putting everything together.


Bonus! Step five: Look at what you have done!



1. Look back at your progress. Look back throughout your journey to see how far you have come. It’s always easy to dwell on how long you have to go or how much you still have to do, but you need to remember how much you have accomplished so far. That journey alone is pretty amazing, so celebrate any milestones.


2. Mistakes happen! Don’t forget that mistakes and obstacles can happen, but don’t let it be a bad thing. If everything was easy and happened as we wanted them to, then everyone would be living their dreams. It’s ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to stuff up. It’s all a learning process and we grow stronger from each and every one of these. So learn from them and move forward.


And for some final words, DO NOT GIVE UP! Do not give in to that mean girl in your head. Do not let her push you around or make you think that you can’t achieve your dreams. Stay strong, fight through it and keep going.


You are going to be amazing!

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