How to take care of yourself with young kids

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Being a fulltime (I hate that term fulltime but feel SAHM is a bit naff too) mum to a baby and toddler it can be near impossible to find that essential ‘me time’ to indulge in some practical self love. Here are some ways I try to take some time out:

Get my nails done. I can have baby spew on my shirt, unwashed hair and hairy legs but if my nails are done I feel put together. I like going to the local shopping centre with my sister so we can take turns looking after bub and get shellacs on. I prefer bright colours and they make me feel good.

Have a long bath. Recently our toddler had his first sleepover away from us at his Aunty’s house. With bub in bed, it was time to grab a trashy mag, light a candle, Spotify spa music and fill up the tub. It was amazing and I stayed in waay past going pruney. It gave me time to fully unwind, clear my head and I felt like I was at a fancy day spa in my own home.

Watch TV. What I mean by this is not ABC 4 Kids or channel surfing. What I mean is getting really into a show that you love and look forward to watching. There is something about that escapism that makes me feel good. We don’t go out much anymore, haven’t been to the cinema since I was pregnant, but I can watch TV whilst feeding or holding a clingy bub. First maternity leave I watched all of One Tree Hill series. This time around I have completed Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

Exercise. Nothing beats it but can be challenge to get it in, as I like to do yoga or play sports sans kids. How ever you can get it is better than nothing to get those happy hormones.

Self love mantra. This is something I haven’t been good at but keen to improve. Our thoughts manifest in the world so mediating on a self love mantra in the morning and at night will have only a positive effect in my life. Helps to place the mantra somewhere you see often like the bathroom mirror.

How do you take care of yourself? Tell us your tips by leaving a count below!


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