What I miss about being single


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Don’t get me wrong, I love my life as a wife, but sometimes the grass does look a shade greener in the single paddock that I used to roam.

This is not due to an unhappy marriage, for I am totes in love with my hubby, but rather the longing for a little more ‘me’ than ‘we’ (which includes two kids).

I wouldn’t trade my family life for the world, but here are some things I miss about being single*

Space and lots of it. Like having my own bedroom! Ahhh, the perfect paradise where all my stuff and only my stuff lives (except for maybe the ‘boyfriend draw’ before we co-habited). Having a whole wardrobe for all my ‘but I used to fit in those and will again’ jeans and ‘a girl can never have too many’ blazers.

Plus, having my own bed!! No snoring men or bed hog kids allowed! Just all for me to sleep diagonal to my heart’s content.

Being easy breezy when making plans. Not having to check with hubby that he can have the kids, but being able to pick up and just go. “Feel like going to the coast today”? “Sure” is what I used to say, and off I would go not having to pack like someone who is moving house.

The Hunt aka The Game. Must admit I do miss those days of going out, trying to ‘pick up’, flirting on the dance floor and the butterflies. The excitement that comes with being single and looking for courtship. Don’t get me wrong, I will cut a rug at the first chance I get, but there is something so thrilling about the chase. However, I DO NOT miss the ‘wait three days before texting’, ‘why doesn’t he like me?‘ and ‘this date sucks! Please get me out of here!‘ days!! Thank goodness Tinder wasn’t a thing when I was on the scene because it is totally a jungle out there!

Time. I used to have so much of it and I filled it up with pursuits that suited me. For example, it doesn’t take that much time out of the week to do two loads of washing – one for ‘good’ clothes the other for ‘normal’. Now I usually do at least two loads a day. I had time to hang with my girlfriends, time to play sport, time to waste, time for fun things like movies. There was more time to invest in practical self-love. If only I had appreciated it more.

Being hotter. I can admit and face it – I was a lot hotter on the market than I am now off the shelf 😉

Guy mates. Before I became a half of a couple I spent tons of time with dudes and not in that kind of way, but as friends. Growing up I was a tomboy and many of my closest buddies were boys. This slowly faded as hubby and I became more serious. This wasn’t intentional. As the dudes also settled down I saw less of them. Perhaps this just happens with age, as coupledom and family life take over. But I really do miss spending time with the boys who turned into blokes. We grew up together and that is just a special thing.

There you have it some things I miss about being single. What do YOU miss about being single? Let us know by leaving a comment!

*Disclaimer: this post is full of first world problems.

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    • Haha Sarah!!
      I miss this sooo much too!!
      Funny how we adapt to it though 🙂 a massive sleep in for me is now 8am, before it was more around 10ish!

    • Or not having to carry a nappy bag! Though I do care less how I look in shops now, no real risk of my ‘crush’ seeing me looking like ass!

  1. Remember being able to just “go to the shops”? Omg!
    It didn’t matter if everyone had eaten and slept and peed and might make a mess of themselves or have a tantrum.

    • Or not having to carry a nappy bag! Though I do care less how I look in shops now, no real risk of my ‘crush’ seeing me looking like ass!

  2. Love this post!! Although the idea of dating terrifies me!! I reckon I’d be TERRIBLE at it!! Also love that you admit it’s full of first world problems. Honest, and what half of us whine about!!

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