Succulent Sisters

I came across KT and Biddy via their gorgeous instagram feed. I love succulents and these two ladies are the Queens of Succulent Land. So thrilled KT and Biddy agreed to be featured as part of our green loving month. Read on to learn more…


Sisters KT and Biddy

Sisters KT and Biddy

Amica: Tell us a little a bit about yourselves

KT: We are sisters, best friends, amicas really 🙂 We grew up in Canberra but about 10 years ago I moved up for a lifestyle change and 5 years later Biddy followed me (she is always following me). Our mum was an avid gardener and so was our granddad, guess you could say that gardening is in our blood.

Biddy: I call KT my “special kinda double”. But we are very different, even to look at. KT is creative and I’m nerdy, KT would probably say that she has the looks and that I have the brains. Whichever way, we really complement each other’s skill sets  – brutal honesty helps!

 Amica: What do you love about succulents?

Biddy: I think everyone is getting busier and busier and people don’t have as much time to dedicate to gardening anymore. We are also water conscious in Australia and want gardens that are drought resistant, gone are the days of having huge amounts of lawn to maintain. Succulents are such a happy medium for the busy and water conscious –  they thrive on not being looked after and require very little watering.

KT: It still does my head in that you can grow a succulent from a leaf or snap a bit off a large plant and it roots! Succulents are amazing and addictive.

Just some of the girls' beauties.

Just some of the girls’ beauties.

Amica: Succulents are making a big comeback in interior and outdoor design. Can you please give us some tips on how to get the most out of our succulents? Any advice for them as indoor plants? 

Biddy: Succulents as indoor plants are hard! You really need to do your research into what species you are getting as most succulents need copious amounts of direct sunlight to survive. Most aren’t suited as indoor plants as they get too stretched and leggy. Hawthorias (zebra plants), Tillandsia (airplants) some Cacti and “String of Hearts” are suitable for indoors and don’t require huge amounts of sunlight.

KT: If you have succulents indoor make sure they have the sunniest spot in the house (the windowsill is a common place). Don’t overwater, just use a spray bottle and give them a good mist once a week and use the best potting mix.

Amica: If you had to pick your favourite type of succulent, what would it be and why?

KT: Echeverias, Echeverias, Echeverias!

Biddy: I echo Katie, can’t go past an Echeveria. We’ve also been really getting into Cacti lately. When I first got into succulents I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between a Euphorbia and a Cactus, now I want to dedicate an area of my garden to them – the weirder and spikier the better!


A echeveria

A echeveria


Amica: You two are mad propagators. Can you tell us how to do this?

KT: Propagating really is trial and error. You really have to know your species as some don’t propagate from leaf, others are quick to propagate and others are slowwww! Always let the ends dry out before putting leaves on the soil, once the ends are dried out (or little roots start to sprout) put them on soil, water sparingly (mist once a week but only once roots have started to show). And then wait for the magic to happen.

Biddy: always use the best potting mix (we use Searles premium potting mix mixed with washed river sand). And patience, it’s a must have!

Drying out leaves for propagation

Drying out leaves for propagation

You can follow KT and Biddy on Instagram, Pinterest or email them at .

*All images in this post are KT and Biddy originals.

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