Oh Mother Nature, you beautiful thing you!

Have you ever just stopped and looked at what’s around you? Have you ever taken the time to notice the colours of the leaves, the sound of the waves, the feel of the ground beneath your feet?

Whoa. Let’s just stop for a second right here… this feels like I’ve gone totally hippy on you, right?! For those who know me, reading this first paragraph they’d be thinking, “What on earth is going on and what have you done with Danni? Danni, who loves shoes, clothes and having pink sparkly nails. What’s the deal with all this earth-hippy-love-speak?”

Well, it’s Earth Month at Amica but also, as part of my continued search to follow my bliss (oh Merrymaker Sisters, you must be so proud of me!!) I now try to appreciate this wonderful world of ours and recognise the beauty it has to offer in the simplest of things such as the changing of the seasons.


Summer beaches_lifelovetravelfood

This is summer! Cottesloe Beach

I love summer for  warm nights, and evening thunderstorms that make the air feel thick and muggy and then change to beautifully cool. The colours at the beach, hot sand (or concrete) followed by the refreshingly cool salt water (or chlorine if you’re in a pool, love that too!) which gives you messy beach hair. Glorious long days during the holidays (not technically a gift from Mother Nature but awesome all the same) which result in endless days of sunshine and that feeling of the sun on your skin (while layered in 50+ sunscreen of course). Just writing about it makes me feel happy!


Long summer nights


Beautiful autumn_lifelovetravelfood

Beautiful autumn

Some people feel sad when summer is over and the season changes to autumn but I adore it! When the leaves start to change from green to yellow to orange to red – the colours can be just spectacular. When the colour turns to brown, I love when they fall and crunch beneath your feet. That’s when it REALLY feels like autumn. When there’s a chill in the air and the morning grass is dewy and the feeling of the cool grass beneath your feet before it starts to get TOO cold! Autumn is the start of comfort food season which is homely, warm and utterly delicious!

Autumn colours_lifelovetravelfood

The colours of autumn


Spectacular winter days_lifelovetravelfood

Chilly, but stunning winter days

Those gorgeous cold nights which mean you need a big snuggly jumper or a warm blanket on the couch. That beautiful feeling of fresh, chilly air on your warm cheeks as you leave the house. Cold, cold days in glorious sunshine. Breathing out ‘smoke’ to prove how cold it is outside. Little frosty flakes on the grass… have you ever just stopped to look at them? They’re beautiful!

Snow… ok, so perhaps not in many parts of Australia but for any of our readers who live in slightly cooler climates, freshly fallen snow is one of the most beautiful sights. Unless it stops you from getting home because the trains can’t run, in which case… not so beautiful!

Winter wonderland_lifelovetravelfood

Winter in all its glory – Finland



Daffodils as far as the eye can see!

Tiny buds start appearing on trees as the leaves come back and blossoms start to appear. Flowers and bulbs spring out of the ground and the colours return. New life begins and the cycle starts again. Days get warmer and longer and the prospect of summer fun is enough to get anyone excited and loving nature! Food changes to ice-creams, salads and gorgeous fresh fruits, mmm!

Spring in all its glory_lifelovetravel

Spring in all its glory

– – –

I know this might all seem a bit lame and a little bit ‘hippy’, but watching our amazing earth change through the seasons is really quite amazing. Just so you know, I appreciate a beautiful handbag, a great pair of shoes or an extravagant shopping trip as much as the next person but sometimes the best thing for our soul is to put down that smart phone (I’m as guilty as anyone!) step away from the computer (she says as she types away on hers) and just go outside (in my defense, I went outside for my lunch break today, just so I wasn’t seen as a hypocrite, and also just because I wanted to!)

So here’s my suggestion on how to better appreciate the world around us. I like to pick a tree, garden or park, and watch how it changes during the year. Doing this has given me a new appreciation for how beautiful this earth is and why we should care and look after it as much as possible.

From winter to spring_lifelovetravelfood

The transition of winter to spring

So go on, put down your phone, step away from the screen, go outside, look around and see what’s out there. Take your shoes off and just feel the earth beneath your feet. Sounds hippy, but you know what? Try it and nature just might surprise you! Happy Earth month lovely Amica readers

Dan xx

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