Fountain of Youth


“Youth is wasted on the young” – George Bernard Shaw

Two of the most youthful people I know - my sister Jo and son Leo.

Two of the most youthful people I know – my sister Jo and son Leo.

I asked a bunch of girlfriends ‘how does someone stay youthful’ and these were their answers
-lots of sleep and water

I laughed because straight away they went to ‘youthful looks’ when I just said ‘youthful’.

Then I asked what age are you still considered youthful and my lovely friend replied ‘at least 35’.

Usually one is considered part of the youth collective until they reach around 25 years of age. Studies also suggest our brains are youthful until around our mid twenties.

We can take the hardline approach to this which is ‘the period of time between childhood and adulthood*. Another definition of youth is ‘the condition of being young**. Whatever semantics suggests, the more I have thought about youth I do support Pablo Picasso when he said ‘youth has no age’ or as the ladies turning 40 say ‘age is nothing but a number’.

Because when I think of people who are youthful, they range from toddlers to the elderly.

Nonno was youthful in his playfulness. My sister is youthful because she is always up for adventure and silliness.

Sure as we grow some parts of us mature and responsibilities can stress us out, but if we try to hold on to the characteristics of youth we can have the best of both worlds – the balance of life experience and the energy that comes with staying young.

I figured in order to stay young I need to take on some characteristics my almost three year old displays, and no, I’m not talking about the temper tantrums (though some days that would feel really good)…

Living in the moment
Toddlers are all about distractions and reactions. They truly live in the now, whether it is being captivated by a butterfly fluttering past or getting engrossed in a game. They shut of internal chatter and just be, which is what mediation is about anyway. If I can try and just close some of the open running tabs in my head I’m sure I will feel more at ease and carefree.


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Not caring what people think
My son does not give a F*&# what people think of him. All he cares about is doing what he wants. I doubt he has ever lain in bed late at night overanalysing a situation and determining if his actions have left a bad impression. A little of this confidence/lack of awareness can only be a good thing.

Staying active
This one is a no brainer. Being physically active not only makes the body stay youthful it is also good for our emotions and mental state. Toddlers are active throughout the day aka ‘incidental exercise’ and as a busy mum this is something I can do. Impromptu dancing, pushing the pram to the shops for the midweek milk/bread/nappies run, and cleaning all add up.

Having an imagination
If we don’t dream it, we can’t be it. Imagining opens doors into ideas, goals, hope and faith. Toddlers spend ages with imaginary play. If we imagine more often surely we will be more creative and youthful.


Source: Pinterest

Being up for fun
Adults ‘schedule in fun’ which is sad but often a necessity of adulthood responsibilities and ‘the grind’, but why don’t we create more fun in our daily life? Fun is different for everyone, but playing silly games with the kids, having a hobby and relaxing more are all great ways to start.

*Thanks Google
**Thanks again Google

So there you have it. What do you think it takes to stay forever young? Please let me know (because I need more ideas) by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Great blog post!
    Definitely not worrying so much, less worries equals happier thoughts. Relaxing too, not doing much (I’m not saying sitting on the couch all day) but just not rushing around too much.
    Joking around works! And also having children around you keeps you feeling young.

    • Thanks Marianna!
      Yes the rushing around needs to stop. I also need to stop worrying about the housework so much and just enjoy time with the kids. They will be grown up before we know it!

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