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I hardly/never wear makeup.  I think it is due to a combination of reasons including being on carers and maternity leave for the last 1.5years, that some days I’m lucky to get out of my pjs let alone put on a face, I’m married so no real fear of running into that hot boy I’m crushing on at the shops (unless Kit Harington decides to shop at Belconennen mall, then I’m in trouble), and I have become more comfortable in my skin over the last few years.


A pic of Kit Harington – you’re welcome ladies


But, once in a blue moon I do like getting dolled up, and soon I will be heading back to work so I’m after some makeup and skincare. 


I do have some requirements including feeling ‘light’ on my skin (hate that clay face feeling), products derived from natural sources aka ‘green’, no fuss and of course able to make me look fresh!

 arbonne cc cream

Maddy from Arbonne with Maddy invited me to one of her makeup classes hosted at a local hairsalon where we learnt about her history with Arbonne and got to trial some of the Arbonne range. Maddy and her team taught us how to put on a face properly and we drank bubbles. It was fun!

I was quite impressed with the Arbonne Intelligence CC cream. Like a BB cream but better (in my experience), it is perfect for someone like me. It goes on super light yet gives good coverage while not feeling caked on. It reduces the appearance of blemishes, makes me look more radiant whilst maintaining a fresh look. It can be used on its own or as a base to add on other products for a more glam look.

Here is me in a #amica4real* moment to prove the proof is in the awkward selfie in my bathroom:



Before and After


To find more about Arbonne and to get your hands on some CC cream contact Maddy at her Facebook page.


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