My post dedicated to the un-sung hero Mum’s out there…

I’m going to be up front first and foremost. I’m not a Mum. I don’t have any experience in this area so I cannot claim to be even remotely knowledgeable in the topic of motherhood so I was hitting a bit of a brick wall when it was mentioned that May’s Amica theme was motherhood.

So rather than go completely off topic, or say what I would do if I were a Mother (cause let’s be honest, that would just annoy the Mum’s out there, and it’s all well and good to say that’s how I’d act but until you become a Mum, you really have no clue what it’s like!) I’m going to dedicate this post to all the Mum’s who are just out there being Mum’s.

My Mum

Congratulations Mum!

Yep, damn straight!
Image from Etsy

Mum of three girls, she always put us first. I remember her sitting down last to eat the cold or first few ‘ugly’ pancakes on Saturday breakfast. Taking the burnt toast or the dodgy pieces of chicken. She never put herself first. I completely took my Mum for granted and only now that I’m a grown up, do I really understand the sacrifices she made for her family. She put her career on hold to care for us and only went back to work when I was in school. This is huge and something I know I didn’t appreciate. What can I say Mumzie – you’re the best Mum I could have ever asked for and one day, if I’m even HALF as good a Mum as you, I’ll count myself very lucky.

lifelovetravelfood and Mumzie

With my Mumzie (sorry for cropping you out Dad!) image from @lifelovetravelfood

My sisters

My big sister J became a Mum last year and I have never seen anyone take to motherhood like she did. It just melted my heart to see her with her baby (my delightfully bald, chubby nephew E who has the best laugh ever). She was so nervous to become a first time Mum, especially as it would seriously change her then-current lifestyle of working for top magazines in London, eating out, frequenting bars and pubs (not when pregnant mind you and don’t judge, it’s just what you do in London, no one meets for coffee) going to concerts and trips to Europe. But as soon as E came along, it was like she was born to be a Mum. J, you amaze me.


Two beautiful Mum’s and their little sister!
Image via Oh Sheila!

L, my middle big sister, is quite possibly the calmest, most kindhearted person I know. She has two kids – K, my nephew and R, my niece. Such beautiful children, so well behaved (well, R is going through a very independent phase and boy, does that kid have a set of lungs on her…) yet even when they’re not, my sister never raises her voice. She never sits down! She is always tidying up, playing with them or cooking delicious, healthy meals – the way those kids eat is amazing. Family is her world and it’s just beautiful to watch.

My best friend

The Mum of two ridiculously cute boys, my best friend V never thinks she’s doing a good job. Her boys are polite, sweet and just so adorable. She’s the most honest Mum I’ve ever come across which I love. So many parents hide the bad stuff their kids do because they think it reflects poorly on them but I love the fact that V tells it how it is. Sometimes her kids are naughty. Sometimes they fight. They’re kids, it’s what they do! She doesn’t sugarcoat motherhood which I both admire, and get completely terrified by. She is her own worst critic and I am here to tell her that she is an AMAZING Mum who deserves to cut herself some slack and realise she’s doing an absolutely incredible job.

Awesomeness quote

They sure do V!
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Each and every single Mum

Not just the Mum’s I’ve already mentioned but ALL Mum’s are an inspiration. Not only do you make me want to become a Mum myself (one day!) but to also be a better person. You are all so caring, have such big hearts and in many cases, never EVER think you’re doing anything special. Being a Mother is one of the most selfless things you can do and I admire each and every one of you. It’s a 24/7, 365 day job that pays nothing and often goes unnoticed (and unappreciated). Each and every single one of you is wonderful and I hope that you realise this. You all deserve so much more credit than you get and let me just say you are ALL amazing. Don’t ever forget that.

I'm a good Mum

Quote of the day!
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Happy Mother’s Day xx

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