Five reasons why three is better than two

Often as parents debating having another child, the perfect age gap between siblings is considered. Today Emma Jones shares with us the pros of having a three year old and a bub at the same time…


My son turned two just 24 days before my daughter was born. He gave me a true understanding of the terrible twos. He was so jealous of his new baby sister he would hit and push her. He was so desperate for our attention he would hit and bite us. Believe me, he still got a bucket load of attention and love, he just wasn’t used to sharing it.

In the early days, my husband and I were so exhausted. We still wanted to have a bigger family in the future but we were in struggle-town with only two kids. How could we possibly have more? We reasoned with ourselves that a three year age gap before the next baby would make it easier next time, only to be met with comments like “Oh no, just wait, three is WAY WORSE than two!”.

“How could that be possible?” we thought. But who were we to argue? Those people had a three year-old, we didn’t, so we couldn’t know.

Well now we’re here, my son turned three the other week. Now we do have a three year old and I can whole-heartedly tell you three is BETTER than two.

Here’s a few reasons why:

1. My three year old is toilet trained. I no longer have to chase him around begging and bribing him to let me change his stinky nappy. (Or hold him down and try change it as quick as possible while he kicked me repeatedly in the caesarean wound.)

2. He no longer needs a sleep in the day. Key word: NEEDS! Even though I had a few magical weeks when I managed to get both kids to sleep at the same time and have an hour to myself (i.e. clean up the kids’ lunch, stuff some food in may face and collapse on the couch for 10 minutes before one of them woke up), it is much better to have a child that can go all day without a sleep and not be so tired that they completely lose the plot. This also means you are not trapped in the house all day when the kids don’t coordinate sleep times.

3. Language. While I was very lucky to have a two year old that could speak in full sentences, sing the whole alphabet and parrot almost any word you told him, his language now at three is even better which means less frustration for both of us.

4. Three year olds don’t put random things in their mouths. You can leave a three year old unattended for a moment while you change the baby’s nappy and know they are not attempting to eat the sudocream.

5. Lastly, and probably most importantly; no more teething! Two year olds are cutting molars, three years olds have a full set of toddler teeth.

Do you have kids? If so, what is the age gap between them? What is the pros and cons of the gap? Love to know as I am considering going for the third bub (but leaving a gap)!

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  1. My son was two weeks shy of 3 when my daughter was born, he went from toilet trained to wetting his pants again. He went backwards. Which was tough. It he sudden change in environment was hard on him, also because he was a boy and it’s how he was he didn’t take much notice of his new sister, which meant he still wanted attention all the time, didn’t even help mum get a nappy once in a while. I think maybe older is better in a way like my neice is going to be 5 and still no siblings, she will go on to kindy and maybe soon have a baby brother or sister. She will remember and be in tune with a new baby at her age. Maybe girls are more motherly.

  2. My two are 16 months apart and probably the worst age gap ever to start of with in the beginning BUT 2 and 1/2 years on, they are pretty good mates.
    I can only tick off points 2 and 5 from the above reasons with my eldest unfortunately. The other 3 are an ongoing battle in our house. Wouldn’t change our situation for the world! I’m lucky to be a mum. Some aren’t.

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