Seedling is an original poem by Melissa Mercado Kama. Melissa wrote Seedling while pregnant with her first-born and she has dedicated it to both of her gorgeous children. You can find more of Melissa’s stunning poems on her blog Epiphany


There is newfound beauty in the day,

A different hue in all the colours,

A fresh scent in the air.

My eyes believe for the first time

A profound clarity in the chaos,

Faith in the fate of things.

It is a new day in an old life,

Rising from the dawn

Of the beginning.

My heart falls in love believing

And knowing within mine

Your heart beats.

There is a love before first sight,

A love, alive in the infinite truth

That you are.

The greatest thing I’ll ever do,

The reason it makes sense,

And every good in me.

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  1. What a beautiful poem, it just shows the love in your heart and soul for your gorgeous children which a mother would totally feel.
    Good luck to your passion and hope to see and read more of your poems.
    I love you dearly my daughter.

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