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An agreeable scent can gear a whole home for an enjoyable experience. Even Gina from Style Curator includes it in her top three things you can right for a comfy and relaxed home.The opposite is true for a nasty nasal assault.

This is something that was prevalent when I first started co-habiting with stinky boys aka my now hubby and our old flatmate. Sure, they showered and used deodorant but there was no escaping that distinctive ‘man cave’ smell. And I couldn’t handle it. Yes, I aired the place out and kept it clean, but just couldn’t shake the stench. This is when reed diffusers were starting to get big on the market, so off I went and bought one for every room.
I was still in reed mode, along with candles (I looooove candles) when hubby and I bought our home. We now had a dog that was allowed inside and even occasionally on the bed*. Fast forward a few years later, add in our two sons with their smelly nappies and trudging in dirt – it is an ongoing battle to keep the house aroma pleasing.

But, things have changed. I have been introduced to Scentsy. My girlfriend hosted a Scentsy party where Victoria Peisley came to demonstrate what Scentsy has to offer and I’m hooked.

Scentsy’s flagship product is based around a flame-free electric warmer that melts the Scentsy wax bars. Scentsy uses a food-grade petroleum paraffin wax. The wax is only warmed, not burned, so is a safer alternative to a candle. The Scentsy wax bars come in hundreds of different scents and there are heaps of different warmers to chose, so you can be sure to find one that matches your decor.

A Wink and a Smile is one of my favourite scents

A Wink and a Smile is one of my favourite scents

I keep my burner on whenever I home. I went with the lace model because it’s pretty, white goes with everything and I like how it glows. I’ve found a spot where the kids can’t reach it but even if they could the wax is made out of natural products and doesn’t heat up much beyond body temperature so won’t burn their skin.**


Lace warmer

Scentsy has made my house smell and feel lovely. Victoria was kind enough to let me trial some other Scentsy products and this is my review…

Hand soap
I trialled the Sunkissed Citrus hand soap and it was divine! Even my sister commented when she used it at my place. Hands are left feeling fresh, clean and smelling good!

Washer Whiffs
These are flakes that go in your load of washing. You put them in the actual drum, not with the powder and liquid. They work like a dream! I used the Quiver scent and all our clothes came out smelling great. As hubby and my youngest have allergies I was concerned the washer whiffs would be too overpowering or cause irritation but no need to fear, as nothing close to this nature occurred.

Body lotion
I gave the body lotion the toughest challenge yet – my dry, hairy winter legs, and it stood up to the test! 😉 Moisturising and smelt yummy.

Scentsy Buddies
The Scentsy Buddies are such a brilliant idea. They are stuffed toy animals which a scent pak (that’s how it is spelt) is zipped into a pouch in the Buddy making it smell fantastic. My 11month old had a nasty cold with a blocked nose. I used the tiger buddy with the Just Breath scent and his whole room was filled with a eucalyptus, lemon and mint, perfect for easing stuffiness.

Tucker the Tiger Buddy

Tucker the Tiger Buddy


There are lots more Scentsy products from room sprays, shower gels and car air fresheners. You are sure to find something for you and your home.

Scentsy actually brought more than just fragrance into Victoria’s life. By becoming a Scentsy consultant she has been able to resign for her part time government job as she makes the same money as her old wage. She has also been given free five star holiday to Bali as a result of her sales. As Victoria said “It’s been a total life changer for me, the potential is phenomenal”.

If you want to learn more about Scentsy, host a party, trial some products or even become a consultant, contact Victoria at her Facebook page or by calling 0414 454 493.

*Hubby’s idea, not mine, though I do let him sneak in when hubby is away.
**Please be sensible, I don’t want a lawsuit on my hands!

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