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Hello June! Hello halfway point to the year…


This should be on everyone’s resolution list. Image from google images

Yep, we’re flying through 2015 and I personally can’t quite believe it. We’ve been back in Australia and living in Perth for nine months, I’ve been at my job for over six months, my London nephew is almost one year old… far out, I feel old when I think about how quickly the year is going!

And so at this halfway point of the year, it’s time to look at progress. Remember on January 1 2015, when in the excitement of the new year, many of us made promises to ourselves in the form of new years resolutions? Did you cringe when you read that? Have you left your resolutions by the wayside? Or have you totally smashed it this year and are rocking those resolutions? Well, I am officially putting my hand up to be an Amica guinea pig. I’m putting myself out there to share my progress on my 2015 new year’s resolutions.

January 1 2015, here’s what I put out there as my yearly goals…

1) Update my blog monthly

2) Eat cleaner

3) Move more

4) Stop biting my nails

So how am I going so far?!

Update my blog monthly

So far, going great! I LOVE writing my blog and in addition to this resolution was that I wanted to do MORE with my blog. This included jumping on board with other writers and when Emma at Amica asked me to be a regular contributor, I was thrilled! Writing is my outlet and helps me clear my head of thoughts and allows me to keep family and friends from all over Australia (and the world) up to date with what I’m doing.

Progress verdict – 10/10! Hooray!

Eat cleaner

2014 was the year that I kicked this one outta site. I made HUGE changes to my diet, my lifestyle and my attitude towards food. 2015 has been a little harder. At my new job, there have been new temptations where I often find myself not wanting to miss out (yep, total FOMO moments). While my old work got quite used to me not eating cakes, chocolate and snacks; some people at my new work have been amazing but others have been less so. I often feel guilty for not trying a cupcake or for saying no to a drink. I know I shouldn’t, but I think it’s my 13 year old self still desperately wanting to fit in.

Family get togethers, friend bbq’s and other events often don’t cater for whatever it is that I do. Not quite paleo; not completely gluten free; a bit of sugar, but not too much… there is always temptation and for some reason, this year I’ve not been quite as strong and have had a few hiccups along the way. I have dropped from about 80% clean 20% treats to maybe 65% clean to 35% treats. I do find it very frustrating and as I write this, vow to pick up my game and get back to where I was in 2014. Amica ladies, you are my witnesses!

Progress verdict – 6/10. Started out great, fallen back a few steps so requires improvement.

Move more

Boy did I start this one on top of the world! Gym, Lorna Jane fitness challenge, boot camp, Lorna Jane classes, yoga, running, pilates, walking – I rocked it! I remember having a massive paddy at my husband because my GymFit app wouldn’t work and I couldn’t book a yoga class for the next morning. I was livid, this had RUINED my week! He just looked at me strangely and said, “It’s not the end of the world you know…”

Then Easter happened and while I didn’t eat any Easter eggs (ok, I had one baby egg but that barely counts when you consider how many chocolate eggs I used to eat!) I gave myself a well earned rest from exercise. We went to Broome and the thought of running or exercising in that humid heat was outta the question for this princess! On our last day, I rolled my ankle really badly so had two weeks off resting, icing and allowing it to heal properly. After these two weeks, we were consumed with finding a house to live. Then packing boxes. Then moving. Then unpacking. Do you see what I’m doing there? Excuses. Nothing but excuses. I fell back into old habits and found every excuse in the book to not exercise.

I do walk a lot, but that’s not enough. I know it’s not and I also find it very frustrating that I can’t seem to get out of this warm, snuggly, blanket-and-couch-cozy hole. I have officially run out of excuses. Apart from it being cold, but even that’s a stretch coming from London (think layer upon layer , heating and STILL being cold) to Perth (think one jumper and feeling cold – pffft!) so here it is Amica readers – I am getting BACK on the bandwagon, this is my promise!

Progress verdict – 5/10. Three months ago, it would have been 10/10 but the last three months have really let me down. Disappointing…

Stop biting my nails

Honestly, I’m a 30 year old woman who still bites her nails. I am now in a cycle of one month good, one month bad. I’m happy to report that I’m currently on a good month and have nails that my Mum can be proud of. Mum is my biggest critic in this area and I’m grateful for this. I hate disappointing her!! Such a bad habit to have but such a hard one to break!

Progress verdict – 6/10. Good-ish. I think after I finish this blog, I might go off and paint my nails to prevent myself from nibbling away in the next ad break.

– – –

So there you have it, an honest view on my personal progress for my 2015 new year’s resolutions. My overall average for the year so far is 6.75/10 – thank goodness for my blogging score, otherwise I’d be in real trouble! I guess what I’m trying to say is no one is perfect and there are always bumps in the road. It’s just important not to give up, see these setbacks as good things and to just keep on going.

Keep moving forward

Just keep going lovelies! Image from Amica via instagram

Until next time!

Dan xx

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  1. Isn’t fighting the resistance and showing up always the hardest bit!

    I can relate to the dreaded change of seasons – my morning routine has suffered due to the weather! Just thinking about scraping ice off my car’s windscreen in the dark has got me all like – brrrrrrr!

    You’re doing great! I think you’re such a great role model for wellness! The self-care changes you’ve made are amazing 🙂 Looking forward to your next update. Go Danni!

    P.S Is it summer yet?

    • THANK YOU Rose! Your comment really put a smile on my face! Made great progress this week with my exercise by gymming twice, walking one morning and Body Balance today. Food needs a bit more help, I’m just in struggle town at the moment! Every little step helps, I can’t imagine how I’d feel if my car was all icy, that all sounds too hard but a HUGE achievement when you make it work! Go get em babe!! Xx

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