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The countdown is on! 88 days until I achieve as-long-as-i-can-remember dream of taking a juicy bite out of The Big Apple. New York City we are coming!!

When my mum entered palliative care my hubby had a great idea. Why don’t we grab life with two hands and each achieve a wanderlust dream. Seeing my best friend passing made me realise that life is too short and if you can, you should make those dreams a reality.

Mum was still coherent and in hospital when I told her I was using some of my inheritance to fund the New York trip – she was thrilled and full of joy. Ma said it made her so happy hearing the news. Even now as I write, tears well-up in my eyes remembering this special moment. One of a mother wanting her child to go for what life can offer…



Hubby and I didn’t  want to leave our boys (nearly three and a one year old) while we both went somewhere together. Travelling separately allows one of us to be with the kids. Plus, as individuals we have some different travel goals. So we came to a solution – he will do a New Zealand boys trip full of golf and adventure, and I get to go to NYC with a girlfriend.

So today I meet up with my travel buddy/dear friend (who has been a constant support/lifeline over the last few years) to discuss our trip and share our ‘must dos’ list. Here is what we have come up with so far:


-Central Park
-Broadway show
-Being Jimmy Fallon audience members
-Museums such as the Guggenheim and MoMA
-Brooklyn Bridge
-Brooklyn including Williamsburg
-Rooftop bars
-Food, food, food and more FOOD
-Empire State and/or Rockefeller Center
-Staten Island Ferry to see the sights including Statue of Liberty
-Watch an ice hockey match
-Explore all the different districts such as Little Italy, China Town, SoHo, Meatpackers, Greenwich Village etc..
-Take in some live music
-5th Avenue to see how the others live

We are both mums who need a break and not ‘type A travellers’ so most of the time will be spent being loosey goosey and wandering the streets, sucking in all the vibes that come our way. This trip screams progress for both of us – completing life-long dreams, practising self love by doing something big for ourselves and accepting the freedom that comes with 10 days of no real responsibilities.

Yes, I feel guilty and nervous leaving my little ones, but this article has cheered me up and as departure time draws closer so does my desire for a massive break – I think even the loooong flight will feel like a holiday with no nappy bag in sight and time to myself!

Time to YOLO biatches!!! 😉



I would love to hear all your travel tips! Have you been to NYC before? What was the best/worse things? Have you ever achieved a wanderlust dream? How did it make you feel? How do you ensure you have a relaxed, enjoyable experience, not a stressed out one? Please share by leaving a comment!

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  1. Oh my god!!!! Seeing it in print makes it so much more real! Sleep count now 87!

  2. YES!! This is AMAZING! I love the idea, that’s so wonderful! What a great plan : )

    There’s a free walking tour (takes around 4hrs from memory) but it gives you a GREAT insight into the city and takes you to/past all the hot spots. Then you can retrace your steps later for the places you want to see again. It’s a great way to get your bearings in such a big city.

    We stayed in Brooklyn, in an Air B&B place which was fantastic. Plus there was a Mexican place and a bagel house nearby both of which rocked food-wise! Do at least one night out for a posh dinner. That way, you get to try all the awesome American foods (burger, hot dogs, ‘everything’ bagels with lox and cream cheese – my daily breakfast order! great Mexican, huge meat filled sandwiches) but having one posh night out is just great. We went to an incredible steak restaurant where I got the smallest steak on the menu and STILL couldn’t finish it!

    Ice hockey games are awesome. That is all.

    FAO Schwarz toy shop is so cool. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge at night. Don’t get freaked out by the subway but do take care. They make the London tube look luxurious. Have a good plan of how to get to your hotel – our regular subway train got stopped and we got stranded literally in the middle of nowhere! Eat a huge slice of American pizza – it’s awesome. Go to a supermarket and gawk at the size of their chip packets. Go to a diner for breakfast, just so you can experience the staff walking around with unlimited coffee refills. Be prepared to walk everywhere.

    New York is AMAZING!!!!

    • Wow!! Thanks for all the advice Danni!! I’m soo pumped! Yes, think I will invest in some stylish yet comfy sneakers for all the walking! Will have to break them in before we go 🙂

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