Confessions of a former hoarder

Hello, my name is Emma and I’m a former hoarder*…

When I was a hoarder it was against my nature to de-clutter and get rid of stuff. Usually I resisted due to the following reasons:

– I felt wasteful parting with perfectly good ‘stuff’, especially if I had spent money on purchasing the items in the first place, or guilty if it was a gift
-I had an emotional association with items, and
-I thought I might need the items some day.

However, I am changing for the better.

With two little ones it is near impossible keeping on top of all the washing, dishes and cleaning to even consider keeping ‘sometimes’ items. The day in and day out tidying struggle can become overwhelming and stressful.

I’ve been motivated for a while now to live a simpler life and slow down my home. To buy less and to have less to create room for calm vibes and increased focus on what really matters in life, which of course, isn’t anything material**.

I’ve been getting into the KonMari method (even though I haven’t read the book yet, but have learnt through YouTube) by picking up each item and asking myself the simple question “does this spark joy”? If not, out it goes.


Sure, there is sentimental things I can’t get rid of and I’ve got a long way to go but on the whole I’m making progress. Here is some of the evidence…

The linen closet
I asked my beloved friend (and your movie critic) Sabrina for help with my linen closet. I have always admired Sab’s neat and calm home and her cut-throat de-cluttering approach. My linen closet was too overwhelming for me, I didn’t know where to start. I was keeping linen for ‘in case’ times like when we have interstate guests, plus I have a doona cover obsession like some women do for shoes and bags. With Sab’s help I was able to give away eight full garbage bags of linen and now I smile every time the cupboard is opened. This really kick started project reduce in my home.

Before - oh the horror!

Before – oh the horror!


After - pure bliss

After – pure bliss! Ps. We have a lot more towels, they were in the wash :)


The kids kitchen drawers
This was a project of two becoming one. Ari (just turned one) had his own draw full of different bottles, a breast pump and other baby stuff. But now he is officially a toddler (even if he looks more like a bub still) so he now shares the big boy drawer with his bro Leo. I lent all the bottles and pump to a expecting mummy friend and tidied up the rest.







The wardrobe
I have really gone KonMari on my wardrobe’s ass. For a long time I have been holding on to clothes that I no longer wear or cannot fit into. I held on to these items in hope of one day getting back into them – and yes, I am still on my health journey to reduce emotional eating and lose more baby weight. However, these clothes weren’t serving me as a positive incentive to lose weight, they weren’t ‘sparking joy’ for me. All I felt was negativity and failure that I hadn’t reached my body goals yet. So they had to go and be enjoyed by others. This has allowed me to create space for positive change and room for my planned New York shopping sprees. I feel like I can be a stylish mumma by actually finding the clothes that make me feel good which is what our clothes should do anyway (besides keeping us warm).

Before - obviously

Before – obviously





So there you have it, my current progress as a reformed hoarder. Though I’m just getting started and would love it if you shared with me your own efforts. Use #amica4real on Instagram and Facebook so I can find you, or leave a comment below!


*I’m seriously not that bad and don’t belong on a TV show, like, you can see the floor in my house and open/shut the doors. 😉

**Don’t get me wrong, I do feel blessed to have a roof over my head to be able to go to Kmart and pick up some things if I want to, but I believe our environment does impact on our thought processes, and slow living is where I want to go.

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