There’s a baby coming to the Amica family! Yep, Dan (aka lifelovetravelfood) and her husband have some extremely exciting, nerve-wracking months ahead with a baby joining the family in December 2015! Yay! We love babies!!

Hi Amica readers!

Eeee!! I’m going to be a Mum! I’m scared, excited, overwhelmed, terrified and overjoyed , all at the same time – so many emotions! This is a progressive post, one that I have been writing as these things happened so it’s been quite a few months in the making! Here’s our journey (travel, if you will) of how our baby story unfolded.


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– – –

The reality…

It was something people had been asking us for years, “When are you going to have a baby?” I think after it took us nine years until we got married, people were looking for a new question to ask but they soon gave up. We were young, living in London, travelling every second weekend and to be brutally honest, loving our selfish lifestyle.

When we made the announcement that we were moving back to Australia after four and a half years of being away, that question began to pop up again. Both of my sisters had just had babies so all eyes were on me. We knew we wanted a bub, so much so that we’d been buying baby toys and clothes during our travels, it just hadn’t ever been the right time. Then one day, we had the conversation again and it was the right time. Apart from starting to take folic acid, that was all the preparation we really did and we were incredibly blessed (that overly used word is totally appropriate here) and lucky to fall pregnant.

One fateful Friday night, I said to B, “Ok… it’s time. I’m going to do a pregnancy test.” We read the package instructions (which are really not that complicated) over and over again. So many times that I said, “Hurry up, I need to pee!”

And we waited. Three minutes felt like a reeeeeally long time. When the timer sounded, B put his hand over the result so it would be revealed to the both of us at the same time. And there it was. A little purple line. Positive result. We were pregnant.

I immediately burst into tears and B just hugged me, completely still. I believe the words, “Oh my gosh!” were repeated over and over again. B was in shock, I was terrified – but in a good way!

All I wanted to do was tell people. I was SO excited, and it didn’t help that my sisters were both anticipating the news. I’m SURE L&G knew we were pregnant because I had been avoiding alcohol for a good week or so. Even before I discovered I was pregnant, I just felt like something was different so decided to cut out alcohol. I’m pretty sure they thought we were pregnant even before we did!

– – –

The nickname…

Every baby bump has a nickname and ours got its name about seven years ago – Keggy. Yes, like a keg of beer – suits us, don’t you think?! We are no strangers to a pub or taste testing many, many global beers so what better name for a bump that will essential grow quite large, to be named after a beer vessel? B even said he would grow his own Keg-belly so that we can experience getting fat together!

– – –

The reactions…

Telling family was overwhelming and very, VERY exciting. We visited the Dr to get confirmation and I almost fainted due to an overload of information and feeling very, very unprepared for it all. My family were totally expecting it so their reactions were pure joy with a few tears and a couple of ear-shattering screams thrown in for good measure.

B’s family’s reactions were wonderful. This is the first baby for his side of the family, so they were absolutely ecstatic. His parents were overjoyed which was just lovely to hear. His sister couldn’t quite believe it, her reaction was absolutely brilliant! His brother being a typical boy, didn’t squeal like his sister however he was really chuffed when B asked if he was ready to become an Uncle. It really does warm my heart to know that our families are so excited for us and it makes it all the more exciting for us as soon-to-be parents.

– – –

The due date…

On our first visit to the Dr, we were both pretty confident that we’d be having a January baby. Clearly our calculations were a bit off because we were told our baby’s due date was 26 December. A Boxing Day baby. I think I turned towards Ben, my eyes wider than saucepans and he looked just the same. Later, we discussed how Keggy would forever hate us for being born around Christmas. As a January baby myself, I vowed never to have a baby so close to the start or end of the year but what will be will be and I am 100% thrilled at the idea now! I wonder if they do a Christmas dinner in hospital…

– – –

The no alcohol thing…

Before we even knew Keggy was in there, I had one day at work where things went downhill very quickly and I felt TERRIBLE. I think I knew something was up then, and when I called B I could tell in his voice that he thought the exact same thing – even though neither of us said it!

From then on, I stopped drinking. Avoiding alcohol actually hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. I kinda just haven’t felt like it. Say whaaaa?! I’ve been quite happy with my bubble water with lime. B is pretty chuffed that he has a designated driver on hand to chauffer him around to various pubs. He’s not abused this right just yet because I don’t think drinking alone is much fun!

We now judge pubs on whether they offer free soda water. They get huge brownie points if they do, or I leave as a very annoyed customer if it costs almost as much as a beer (which is often the case).

– – –

The symptoms…

From about week six, nausea kicked in – all day, every day. It was horrible! But I kept reminding myself that we’re SO lucky Keggy is growing away so really must remember that (which was really hard at times when I couldn’t get out of bed for fear of vomiting). Trying to eat healthy and avoid the bad stuff was MUCH harder than I had anticipated. Here I was thinking I was going to be a healthy pregnant saint. Pfft! Often I didn’t want fruit, yogurt made me feel ill and all I really wanted was salt and vinegar shapes, twisties and cheese. Let me just say I have eaten a LOT Of cheese during my pregnancy. Cheese flavoured chips, cheese on toast, cheese and crackers, philli cheese, cottage cheese. Just cheese. I think you get the idea.

cheese_Google images

Cheese glorious cheese!
From Google images

In week nine, my cravings changed from savoury to sweet. I was all about peanut butter and jam toast; muesli, banana cake and chocolate (preferably Top Deck flavour). This was throwing everyone off from guessing Keggy’s gender because ‘apparently’ savoury = boy, sweet = girl. I’m not saying that’s a fact, it’s just a running thing in my family. And no, we’re not going to find out if Keggy is a mini d or a mini b – I think I want a surprise but I am known for being impatient (it’s the Gen Y in me) so let’s just see how that goes!

By week 12 and my nausea was a thing of the past – hooray! I’m was back to eating normally and was much more inclined to eat healthy again. I well and truly fell off the clean-eating bandwagon during my first trimester, but I honestly couldn’t be bothered and healthy food didn’t appeal like it used to. I feel MUCH better now (no longer am I ridiculously tired, getting 9 hours sleep and still needing more) and seeing our baby jump around (seriously, it barely kept still!) at our 12 week scan made it feel totally worthwhile and worth every yucky feeling. We’ve also loved seeing Keggy all lumpy when I wake up in the morning. He/she tends to nestle into the side that I’ve been sleeping on, and often when I wake up and lie on my back, you can really feel him/her and it’s just an incredible feeling.

– – –

The suspicion…

Most people have been really good and not said anything or asked any questions. I’ve noticed a few stares at my belly, but I often wonder if that’s just me being paranoid! I’m sure there are a few people in my life who have their suspicions. It’s not gone unnoticed that I am no longer drinking! At work, apparently my pregnancy was, ‘The worst kept secret in CCM [my department name] history,” all because I avoided alcohol a few times at work drinks!

One person asked me outright if I was pregnant and to say it was awkward was an understatement. May I just say to you all – don’t ask someone if they’re pregnant, even if you’re super sure they are!! If they aren’t pregnant, it’s an insult but if they are, there might be a very good reason why they’re not saying anything. People will tell you when they want to so until that time comes, keep your lip zipped and pipe down! #reallyreallyawkward

pregnant_Google images

No. Just NO people!
From Google images

– – –

So that’s the journey of Keggy so far! I’ll be posting updates on my progress and the size of my waistline (which has expanded from day one because I was in such good shape before we got pregnant and it has been TOUGH trying to hide it the last few weeks!) as the months progress over on my blog lifelovetravelfood. But if you love baby updates, just drop me a line below and I’ll pop up regular Amica updates too!

Love Dan xx

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