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Amy Bridge is the creative soul behind the jewellery label Teal Pony. Amy is from Brisbane and is in the pursuit for a creative life which includes artworks and all things lovely. We are super happy that Amy is going to be hosting Wordless Wednesdays for the next few weeks. Keep reading to discover more about this Amica…

Amy wearing a Teal Pony design

Amy wearing a Teal Pony design

A long time ago, way back in my mid-twenties, a friend and I were fantasising about our dream job. I would start my own creative business and call it “Teal Pony”, because everyone knows an animal and a colour work well in a product title.

Five years later and I found myself in the same position, working in the CBD in a job I quite liked, on a pretty good wage, with nice people. Was I fulfilled? Well, I suppose I was in one way – I was doing exactly what I should be doing. Earning a living, making the moolah.
Still dreaming…

It was entering the year that I turned 30 which finally jolted me out of my creative complacence. Would I spend another decade jumping between careers, or would I bite the bullet? As I put in my Teal Pony blog much later- would I finally kick down that fence post?

Teal Pony design

Teal Pony design

I always wanted to write. Anything, everything. I completed a creative writing degree and my skills, along with my degree had since languished in the back of my mind and closet. It wasn’t just writing I loved though- it was drawing, sculpting, painting, sewing and performance. I wanted to do it all. I wanted to wake up each morning with a zing, to jump into my day and make it something… beautiful.

From January of this year, it has been my mission. To not only live a creative life, but to be brave enough to embrace the ‘road less travelled’. I began my blog in January with a declaration that I would make this year my most creative ever. I was going to try as many different creative activities that I could, with a view to launching a career in creativity by the end of the year. It did not take me long at all to find my first, ever-surprising love – polymer clay.

Teal Pony necklace

Teal Pony necklace

My first purchase of three blocks of polymer clay in the Teal Pony colours (teal, white and red) was with the vague supposition that I might make an animal figure, or mascot for my brand. Instead, after some fortuitous googling, I was thrust into the world of jewellery-making. AND I LOVED IT. I could not put the clay down. Night after night, I would come home from work and sit at the living room coffee table while my partner watched television and I would create. Prolifically. There was something about the power of making something beautiful from a simple material that entirely captured me. It hasn’t yet let me go.


Amy with another gorgeous piece

Amy with another gorgeous piece

As this year reaches toward its eighth month, I am proud to say that, not only have I continued to create my polymer clay jewellery ( to the extent that I have launched my own online shop!), I have also been writing my little hooves off. A friend and I have launched our own e-books about life skills for special needs teenagers, with the view of turning them into a series.

There are so many creative things on my plate that I could not have imagined doing 12 months ago. The fact of the matter is: I made the choice. The choice to take the road less travelled; “and that has made all the difference”.


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Do you live a creative life? Let us know about it by leaving a comment below x

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  1. SO great to hear you’re chasing your dream Amy! That’s amazing!! Gives me the spark I need to perhaps pursue what my dream is through food, health and blogging. Something to think about! Great read and hooray for being on Amica!! xx

  2. Thank you so much Danni! It’s a small old world. So excited for your news. I read your blog and actually jumped up and down a bit when you got to the part about the positive test! Xoxo

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