Surface Pattern Design with Claudia Owen

Claudia Owen is a talented artist that works with patterns, and has been able to turn her art passion into a thriving business. As part of Amica Art Month Claudia gives us an insight into her work…

Claudia Owen

Claudia Owen


I love patterns, vibrant colours and beautiful textures. A few years ago when I started to think about what I wanted to do I came up with a long list of things that I enjoyed doing. On my list I had stationery, wallpaper, cards, clothes, journals and the list went on and on. All these things had one thing in common – the pattern on them. Soon after that, I started designing patterns on my spare time, I did hundreds of them and I had the best time creating them. It took me a while to realise that there was actually a name for what I was doing and it was called Surface Pattern Design!

Throw pillows by Claudia

Throw pillows by Claudia Owen

I relish creating patterns and I’m particularly drawn to geometric and strong bold designs. Patterns are great in that they have a wide range of applications for home wares, fabrics, stationery products and the list goes on and on. I don’t think the word ‘love’ can actually fully express how much I love and enjoy doing what I do!

Alchemy Leggings by Claudia

Alchemy Leggings by Claudia Owen

My mission is to create works that inspire beauty and originality with the use of bright and colourful print designs. I’m inspired by nature and its patterns, the use of repetition, tessellation and ambiguity, which is shown throughout my work. A lot of my work is designed using hand drawn sketches to create the patterns and textures and later colour, I then edit them digitally.

One of my favourite designs would probably have to be my Gemstone Silk Scarf. I love it because it combines some of my favourite things – bright colours and geometric elements. The silk is also beautifully soft and gentle to the touch.

Gemstone Silk Scarf

Gemstone Silk Scarf


Crystalline Journal by Claudia Owen

Crystalline Journal by Claudia Owen


I first started doing greeting cards for other companies as it was the most affordable way to get started since I only needed my computer and design software. Once that part was up and running I began doing research on how I could make my own range of designs. After lots of research and hard work I was able to put together my first collection together. My current range of work includes: journals, folders, ring binders, clip boards, wrapping paper, silk scarves, phone covers, leggings, throw pillows, mugs, coasters, cards and pencil cases.

I still have a long way to go when it comes to all the things I want to do and where I want to take my work but I think this is a great start! My goals are sky high and I’m just beginning to make my way up. I sell my designs through ETSY. Also, in April this year I started selling my items at the Handmade Shop in the city here in Canberra and I’m hoping that in the coming months I’ll be able to stock my designs at other shops around the country. Exciting times ahead!

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