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Lisa Hatherly is a Talismanic Artist who helps people reconnect with who they are and where they want to go, so they can actualise their desires/dreams more easily. As part of Amica Art Month Lisa shares the power of colour in our lives…


Lisa Hatherly

Lisa Hatherly


Colouring in for adults is a popular trend at the moment. Everywhere you can see the creative endeavours of grown men and women proudly displayed across social media. And what’s the harm? None – in fact it has been long proven that this form of mental and creative exercise does wonders for eliminating stress and assists with practising mindfulness.

So what then if we took this concept into every aspect of life itself? What if instead of a black and white outline of life, we took the time to choose our own colours and intentionally coloured our life in, as we truly desired.

Image supplied by Lisa

Image supplied by Lisa

This has become my guiding philosophy in what I like to call my “do-over” – my second chance at life.

A series of rock bottom moments gave me the opportunity to reconnect with myself. And to reconnect with my own sense of wonder and joy for all the possibilities that life could and does hold for me.

And I was lead divinely and directly to Colour and all of the power that it holds.

The power of colour has been harnessed for centuries – in all cultures – in all aspects of life – from advertising to religion, from survival to education. It’s use for healing purposes can be traced back to Ancient civilisations where it was documented by medicine men of countries like Egypt, Greece, China and India.

As a modern society, we are now almost oblivious to this tool and how we can personally use it. Advertising is perhaps one of the strongest (and often subconscious on our part) uses of this power in today’s world.

But the best news is that colour is RIGHT THERE, at the end of your optic nerve sending a message to your brain – a message that can change the way you feel- can change your very own energy pattern.

Each colour has it’s own energy signature. Each individual colour is light vibrating at a different frequency. So excuse me while I get scientific for a moment – but colour is essentially light with different wavelengths, frequencies and energies.

The important thing to know though is each colour signature has a different effect on you – Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually and Spiritually.

So it makes sense then to use colour in everyday life to change or enhance any one (or all) of these aspects of yourself. Check out some of the energy characteristics of colours below.

Image 2
Hand in hand with Colour for me is creativity. I can fully immerse myself in colour and it’s magic by using it liberally from the end of my paintbrush to the paper in front of me. I can elevate or quieten my mood by the choice of colours I make with my every day fashion, my décor and surroundings, even right down to my lipstick and nail polish.

Creativity to me is the true expression of my inner self/spirit. And colour allows me to decode the messages she is sending me and express it – shine it out for the world to see.

There is much to be gained by expressing your inner self.

Creativity grows from creativity.

• The more you express yourself, the more there is to express.
• The more there is to express, the more your expressions will resonate with others and connect you.

Colour grows from colour.

• The more you notice it, the more you see it.
• The more you see it, the more you feel it.

So add a little more colour into your life – both figuratively and literally.
Choose the red shoes over the basic black.
Paint your nails bright orange instead of the nude pink.
Paint your bedroom walls deep relaxing turquoise instead of the off-white.
Pick up a paint brush, crayon, box of markers.

Express your inner self.
Colour in your life. Just the way you want it.

Image supplied by Lisa

Image supplied by Lisa


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