Dear Multitasking Mummy

Dani B from Eat My Street is sharing her letter to all tired and multitasking mummies out there…


Dear Multitasking Mummy,

Thought I would send you a note to let you know that you are doing good. Well done. Yay for you. Keep going.
True, I don’t exactly know what it is that you have been up to this week, but I can imagine. I have children, two eyes and a brain.

Before you stop me with all the things that you did not do well this week, let me just say, don’t bother, I already know. Here is a list of actual things that have happened to people I know lately. Some of these people may have been me, but I’m not telling.

• Your children practiced their new swear words on the lovely old lady at the pool.
• Your child’s Book Week costume was a thinly veiled reference to their favourite movie character.
• You had to bury a tiny toddler poo in the sand at the beach.
• Your house looks like you were burgled and you kind of wish you were just so some of the stuff would go away.
• Your child’s socks don’t match, but hey, they are wearing socks right?
• Dinner is a boiled egg with salad. And by salad I mean three cherry tomatoes and a piece of cucumber.
• When you look at your beloved husband, all you see is a scrolling list of things that the two of you need to organise. Yesterday.
• The first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning is how many hours until you get to have a sleep again.
• Your child’s teacher would like you screened for dementia because you forgot about that school notice, again.
We are not perfect.

I know, I was as shocked as you.

Obviously after your own Mum stuffed everything up you had grand plans of perfection. To never repeat those mistakes. But now you have made your own.

It didn’t exactly turn out the way you planned, right? That’s Okay, welcome to being a grown up.

I think you are doing a good job anyway. Keep trying.

You know when we tell the kids that it doesn’t matter how they went in their exams, as long as they did their best. Well that applies to you too. Don’t give up.

I see you lovely multitasking Mummy. Buried beneath the dirty washing and your dreams that are on pause and your fantasy about living with Wilson on that dessert Island.

I know that your hair is swishy and glossy and shiny, underneath the scraped back pony tail.

Your skin is flawless, creamy perfection, you just need a few minutes to buy some new skin cream and then apply it.

Your house is neat and clean and smells like a meadow, but only for the 45 seconds after you clean it.

Your children are thankful for each sacrifice you make, they just don’t know it yet.

So I thought I would tell you,

Thanks, you’re doing great..

Even though according to some torturous rule of the universe, it is the tasks that you fail to execute with poise and perfection, that are glaringly obvious. While your grand achievements remain unnoticed, for now.

So well done to you, for each meal you cook, the endless washing you clean, the repetitious conversations about Ninja Turtles, the car trips, the smiling, the reading, the homework you don’t understand, the standing in the rain.

Keep going, keep trying. You are doing an amazing job.

Ask for help, share your worries with others, lean on your friends and if you don’t have any, then find someone. We need each other Multitasking Mummy. This parenting gig can be a tough.

One word of advice, next time your children swear at a stranger, just walk away. No one will ever know they are yours.
Much love,
Dani xx

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