Day 3: Emnemny

Hello lovers!

Today the jet lag really kicked in, so our start was slow but sooo nice being cartoon and ‘mum I’m hungry’ free 😉

Coffee was drunk and we planned the day. We decided to spend the whole day in Central Park.

We took the Subway line D and got off at Columbus Circle. $3 one way and easy to use, we def recommend the Subway.

At Columbus Circle we visited the H&M men’s store and bought a few things for our hubbies. Gifts and influencing our men’s wardrobe = winning!!

We then went to Whole Foods which blew our minds and is a must do (they are everywhere here, like a really fancy Woolies). We got a picnic lunch consisting of prosciutto, sourdough, Brie, avo, salad and grapes. This cost $30 and was pretty delicious but the salads were a let down. We had a huge lunch and still had plenty leftover for an afternoon snack. 



Once we had our picnic we spent $2 for a park map which was well worth it. There was a lot of info about each part of the park which really helped us navigate our way through.

We visited Central Park Zoo which is straight out of Disney movies like Lady and the Tramp. It isn’t large but it is beautiful. $12 to get in. We saw seals, exotic birds, bears, penguins, monkeys and a snow leopard.

Next door is the Children’s Zoo where you can feed farm animals and it’s sooo cute full of gorgeous sculptures like acorns, rabbits and turtles. The entry is shaped like a hollow in a tree. Straight out of a story tale.  



 We then strolled down the famous Literary Lane and were completely blown away by the beauty. We sat down and had a snow cone. At $3 each they didn’t measure up to the fresh ones we get in Australia. 


Next stop was Strawberry Fields, the tribute to John Lennon. On our way we stumbled across a roller skating circuit. Probably one of the most random moments of the day. Lots of oldies skating/dancing to old school disco music.

When we got to Strawberry Fields there was a pretty big crown gathered around the Imagine memorial and a lot of people sitting around playing guitars. It was actually a really weird atmosphere. Lots of people had obviously come to pay there respects, this clashed with the rest of the crowds who where pushing their way to the front to take selfies on top of the memorial. Not sure what John Lennon would think of the whole selfie craze….

Up the path we walked past the fountain where the Friends opener was shot and then went down to Bow Bridge. Seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth.



 To top the day off we had cocktails at the Loeb Boat House (you know the place Carrie meets Big and then falls in the lake). We where a bit hesitant going in-it looks pretty fancy from the outside-but we figured what the hell, you only live once. We had a couple of cocktails and scored possibly the best seats in the house. Cocktails were pricey, but sooo good! 



 For dinner we couldn’t resist round two at the Shake Shack. We stopped passed the store on the upper west side. It definitely didn’t live up to the meal we had last night at the Madison Park store.

From there we decided to head home to try and get an early night. Feeling total subway pros we jumped on the D to get us back to Bleeker St Station. After a quick detour over the bridge to Brooklyn, we finally made it home. 
Such an awesome day. We covered so much of Central Park and were seriously blown away by the beauty. It’s like stepping into another world. Highlights would have to be the zoo, Bow Bridge and Loeb Boathouse, we felt like we were in a movie.

Lowlights: realising we have no idea what we’re doing on the subway, bogans at the Imagine memorial and greasy burgers.

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  1. LOVING these updates girls. So fantastic you’re doing this adventure together, and kid free. Love, love, love! xx

  2. Loving your updates! And thank you for confirming it was the boathouse where Carrie fell in the lake! I was wondering. Xx

    • No worries Kirsty!
      I keep having Sex in the City moments all the time like ‘this is the area Samantha lives’ hehehe. X

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