#Emnemny day 2


OC’s day started earlier than mine, because she could sleep but jet lag had me up for a few hours in the night. OC was a total legend and went and got us supplies and coffee.
Then it was time to discover our hood   – HELLO H&M! After a quick shop stop, we went and found our hop on hop off bus pick up point. I know this is super touristy but I highly recommend giving these buses a go to get your bearings, learn about interesting stuff and help plan out your next few days as you can determine the distance between things.
We did the Downtown loop first. This took us through the Financial District, Battery Park, TriBeCa (which has been renamed TayBeCa since Swifty moved in) Chelsea and Greenwich Village where we hopped off for lunch.
We plan to do the Highline another day and we were starving, so we grabbed some food at Hot Sichuan on 9th Ave. We are quickly learning with Asian food in New York you get what you pay for. We ordered a braised beef Mao style, steamed pork dumplings and mix veges, plus a beer and diet coke. Came up to $45 with tip. Was delicious, restroom was clean which was very appreciated.
Then it was back on the bus which took us around Midtown and Times Square. We saw the humongous M&M shop which took OC by surprise as it wasn’t celebrating Eminem!! 😉
The Uptown loop took us to Upper West side where Chuck Bass hangs out. The. Through Riverside with Will and Grace, onto Harlem and the Apollo theatre before heading down 5th Ave on Mansion Mile now known as Museum mile where we watched the 1% in their natural habitat.
Back to Time Square we went to Forever 21 where we lost 15 years aka 2 hours of our lives plus $200.
Dinner was at the famous Shake Shack opposite the Flat Iron Building. For $28 we had the best burgers, chips and shakes of our lives. Set in the middle of a Madison Square Park, under a sea of fairy lights, the shake is the bomb diggity and we will be going back.
We set off for the long walk home which included a detour into Washington Square where NYU students jam and hang out.

Washington Square in the heart of NYU

All in all Day 2 was as OC says ‘bloody awesome’. We give it 4 out of 5 shakes, but hearing Offspring is coming back has bumped it up to 5!!
#EmNEmNY signing out!
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