Day 5: #Emnemny

Hello lovelies,

Today belonged to SoHo, YOLO. It’s officially my favourite place in NYC (other than Central Park). You could spend days exploring the beautiful streets of this shopping Mecca.

We visited Steve Madden, Dash, Kate Spade, Bloomingdales and Free People. We both picked up fab shoes from Steve Madden cheaper than those in Oz.

Kate Spade is divine! The whole shop just looks so yummy and has gorgeous, once in a life time purchase dresses. Before I came to NYC I said I wanted a Kate Spade business card holder and scored a fabulous one not available in store for another month! We both picked up some super cute earrings and made a new friend Jadel there. She was super helpful and gave us directions to Katz Delicatessen . Kate Spade, if you’re listening, JADEL is the bomb and she deserves to be rewarded! 😉

With the divine Jadel

Bloomingdales was where we made other purchases and found another friend Jane. She understood my body issues, that is being booby with a belly, and searched the whole store to find perfect fits for me.

I won’t put prices here, incase the hubbies close the accounts on us back home, let’s just say it was well worth the $$$$ 


sorry ladies, had to crop myself out of this one. not even #amica4real could save it.



 We walked around to Katz’s Deli were we entered sandwich heaven. We were a little hesitant to start, these sandwiches are not for the faint hearted. We split a Reuben on rye and it was soooo good. This is not the kind of place you want to go on a first date. Eating this sandwich is definitely not something that can be done delicately. For $20 a sandwich it seems like a pricey meal, but you seriously only need half. Make sure you take a friend that’s not a vego to split one with, and sit on the “When Harry Met Sally” table. 




 Next we got all dolled up ready to hit Broadway, we were so fancy we even took a cab

We went and saw Book of Mormon which was HILARIOUS!! Just be aware of the subject matter if your easily offended (it was written by the South Park guys). The drinks were ridiculously expensive!!! It cost us $58 for two double vodka limes, though they were free-pour. Also, we were waay overdressed, oops!! 



 We then made the hike to Gray’s Papaya (famous for its hot dogs, it’s where Carrie goes after her book signing with her limo driver). Mildly disappointing, give it a go but stay away from the papaya drink *shudders*.





 After another Subway mishap we made our way back home.

Tomorrow we are heading down town for a Greenwich Village food tour and the High Line, hoping to score some more Broadway tickets.

we are on the fifth floor, a lot of stairs and not heels friendly!


 #EmNEMNY signing out!!

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