Day 6: #emnemny

Another slow start to the morning today. We got home pretty late last night after hitting up the Broadway show and then walking for 30 blocks for a hotdog (it looked so close on the map)…

After a decent sleep in and some breakfast we headed off slowly to a food tour in Greenwich Village.
I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was really impressed, and pretty full too. 

The tour started at Joe’s Pizza. This place was voted best pizza in New York. I haven’t tasted any other pizza while I’ve been here but I can’t imagine it getting any better than this.



Next stop was Faicco’s for an arancini ball. It was soooo good.
Marie, the tour guide gave us a really good run down on not only the restaurants but also the culture and architecture throughout the Village. She showed us a lot of really cute looking restaurants and explained how they had changed since the first inhabitants.

We went to so many different places that I can’t list them all. The highlights were definitely pizza at Joe’s Pizza and the cookie from Milk and Cookies Bakery. 

My favourite historical tip, along the streets in the Village there are a lot of half number places so you’ll see house numbers like 59 1/2. These are actually corridors to houses at the back of the apartments and during prohibition they housed a lot of the speakeasys.


 I know I have said in earlier posts that SoHo is my favourite part of town but now I have to backtrack because Greenwich Village has taken over. I LOVE this part of town and can understand why stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Jackman call it home. It is gorgeous and has a real neighbourhood feel to it. Greenwich was the start of a lot of artists careers from writers, poets and actors including Al Pacino. This artistic flair remains. 



 After the three hour tour we headed back to our away from home. We stopped on the way for a drink with our new friend Jeff. Jeff’s wife is working in NY so he was looking to kill time. Jeff is from Virginia and we shared funny differences between our two countries. One bizarre moment was when Jeff told us that Americans do not use clothes lines at all, even on farms. He said not even “greenies” use them! He thought we were nuts and we told him he was.   Us gals then headed back to Joe’s pizza for another few slices and then went to the High Line. This is super cool and a must do. It is old train tracks, used to ship to the meat packing district, into a suspended green space with a walkway, sculptures and food. Go at dusk like we did to see the sunset and the city lights turn on. 




 The Pope is in town on Friday so we are going to try and avoid the madness by heading uptown tomorrow to check out museums and to scatter some of mum’s ashes in Central Park.

I’ve been having a really hard time the last few days without her. I keep going to buy her a memento of the trip, or to send her a photo or call her before I realise I can’t. It has been heartbreaking, I just hope she likes the spot I end up choosing.

Until tomorrow, #EmNEmNY signing out x

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  1. She would be THRILLED to know how much you’re loving this trip and living your dream Stroudy. I know she’ll love whichever special spot you choose – I think it’s beautiful you’re taking her to NYC. Such a wonderful idea xx

  2. Oh honey, Jilly is looking down on you and enjoying your adventure just as much as I am. I just know she is. You are making the most of every moment, while still looking after yourself. Xx

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