Day 7: #EmNEmNY

This morning we knew we had to head to Central Park and Uptown fairly early to avoid Pope mania. I had decided long ago I was going to spread some of mum’s ashes in the Park but wasn’t sure where. We found the perfect spot for Jilly at the Conservatory Waters and surrounds. I’ll leave this moment for another post, as it deserves it… 



 After an emotional morning we headed to the American Museum of Natural History (the one out of the ‘Night at the Museum’ movies).

This is a must do and fantastic for kids. Highlights included the Hall of African Mammals, The Oceanic animals, The Eastern Woodland Indians and the Dinosaur fossil section. We spent over three hours in there, plus picked up some great gifts for the kids (totes mummy guilts). $30 each for general admission plus one ‘special exhibition’ that you could select from a choice of three. 





 We were starving by this point and took a cab to Eately on 5th Avenue. THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN! A palace dedicated to all things Italian cuisine. Dining halls are divided by types of food, we headed straight for the pastas. THE BEST PASTAS OF MY LIFE! And I’m married to an Italian so that is a tall order! $100 for three pastas (we went back for more) and three glasses of wine. Wish I could eat like that everyday. 



 After our late lunch we headed to the Rockefeller Building to do Top of the Rock. However, Pope mania had blocked the way, with opportunists selling all sorts of merchandise to the swelling crowd. We managed to get access to Rockerfeller, but before we did, we stopped at the famous Magnolia Bakery for delicious Banana Pudding which was amaze balls and made for an excellent dinner 😉 $5 for a medium tub. 


 The Top of the Rock is not worth the money at $30 each. We spent 15minutes at the top, an hour in lines, in comparison to the museum earlier in the day, it just wasn’t value for money. Obviously, it is just one of those things you have to do, like going up the Eiffel Tour, and the view is incredible and a little vertigo inducing. 

 We then headed home back on the Subway and didn’t get lost – yay! Winning! #EmNEMNY: 1 Subway: 5 😉

Tomorrow we aim to work Pope mania by ticketing off the last few items on our to do list. Seriously loving this trip, and surprised the USA. I really want to see more of this country now!


EmNEmNY signing out x

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