Day 8: #EmNEmNY

Biiiiig sleep in this morning. After having kids I’ve really struggled sleeping in, even when I have the opportunity. Sleeping in till 9am was amazing!

We pottered around the apartment and then headed off to our local coffee shop, McNally and Jackson Cafe. If you’re traveling around SoHo you should check this place out. It’s a gorgeous combined bookstore and cafe. I could spend ours in there, browsing and eating!

Outside the cafe/bookstore on the corner of Prince and Mulberry, there is a small street market where a delightful lady sells stirling silver jewellery at great prices. Plus it is pretty jewellery, not that junky stuff. Hope she is there when you stop by.

We finally finished getting all of our presents and then headed off downtown to the Financial District to go on the Staten Island Ferry.

We caught the subway to the Financial District and walked along Wall Street, with a quick detour past Century 21. This store is epic and really overwhelming. We got out of there pretty quick with zero purchases. We stopped at the Milk Truck food van on Wall Street for one of the yummiest, cheesiest toasted cheese sandwiches.


We finally got to the Staten Island Ferry for a free trip pass the Statue of Liberty. If you want a good view of the statue hop on the right hand side of the ferry. It’s a pretty beautiful sight!

We were over the whole touristy thing so we got straight back on the ferry to head back to Manhattan. At this point we decided to skip the 9/11 memorial. It would have been lovely and memorable to see but we were short on time and the crowds in the Financial District were pretty intense due to the Pope’s visit.

We headed back uptown to the Guggenheim. OC being more pop culture than culture decided to skip the museum and headed back to the park.

Due to installations of new exhibitions a lot of the museum was closed. The ticket price was reduced but it was still a little disappointing. The building itself is the best piece of artwork in the museum. It’s one of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever been in. Doris Salcedo’s exhibition was fascinating and very relevant to the ongoing issues we face today, namely displaced people and injustice. I really recommend watching the short film played at the start of her exhibition before viewing her work. It was also fabulous to see the impressionist collection which included Picasso, Dega and Van Gogh.

Then I met up with OC at the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. It was I interesting to see another aspect of Central Park, but it is a lot more polluted then any other area of the park we’d been to.

We walked up Park Avenue and stopped at Butterfields for smoked salmon sandwiches and chocolate. These beautiful delis are so good. It would be great if we had a similar thing at home. So much yummy fresh food prepackaged into sandwiches, sushi and salad.

We ate on a bench out the front of the store and met one of the most interesting people we’ve come across. There have been so many colorful characters so I’ll leave that for another post.

We rode the subway back to Grand Central Station. We had been told to take a look but I was not prepared for the sheer beauty of the building. It is absolutely stunning. The ceiling is a masterpiece that replicates the skies constellations. Our friend from the deli (an architecture writer) told us that the Vanderbuilts-who once owned the station- said their trains were guided by the stars because of it.


We got back on the subway and headed to dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar. Holy moly!! This place is amazing! Definitely amongst our top five places to eat in New York. And with that dinner we ticked off all of our to do list.

It has been an absolutely crazy, hilarious, emotional, wonderful week. We’ve now got a day and a half for relaxing and bumming around SoHo before we head home to our beautiful families.

#EmNEmNY signing off x

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