Day 9: EmNEmNY

Sorry for leaving you hanging yesterday. We seriously needed a day off. We’d ticked everything off out lists and new we had a big night ahead so we spent the day lazing around, finished shopping for the last few things we wanted, and even had a nanna nap in the afternoon.

It was so nice bumming around SoHo. We went for a stroll up Mulberry Street and ended up in the heart of Little Italy followed by China Town. I’m blown away by how this city changes just by crossing an intersection, and all on the same street. Our section of Mulberry is beautiful and leafy, surrounded by super cool cafe’s and boutique shops. Two streets over you hit Broadway, an amazing shopping mecca. Head the other direction and you’re transported to restaurants claiming to be John Gotti’s favourite place to eat. So glad we had the time to check it all out.

After our much needed nap we got dolled up and headed to Madison a Square Garden. We totally nailed the subway again! We had bought the cheapest tickets we could get to see Billy Joel at the Garden. Let’s face it, we like some of his songs but at this stage we were kind of bummed we weren’t up town watching Beyoncé and Pearl Jam. But hey, Billy’s a New York icon and we got to hang out at Madison Square Garden.

We got inside and were told to head to the 6th floor. This is about as high up as you can get. As we went in to find our shit seats a guy ran up to is and asked if we’d like an upgrade. Um, hell yes!!! He gave us 2 tickets and then ran off. We spent the next 20 minutes trying to find our seats. The ushers either had no idea where these seats even were or talked in hushed tones when they gave us cryptic directions. Finally we found a lovely usher who walked us to where we needed to go. He could see the confusion in our faces and asked if we knew what was going on. This was super creepy because we were in an empty stairwell with this guy at the time. Um, are you taking us somewhere to be baptized into some weird Billy Joel church?!?! He told us that these were the most expensive tickets in the house, they don’t sell them all so they can give a few out on the night!!! At this stage out confusion turned into uncontrollable happiness. Anyone would have thought we were on our way to accept our Oscars. We got downstairs and each usher directed us closer and closer to the front of the stage, until…. We were actually at the front of the stage. Front row tickets to Billy Joel!!!! So we’re totally losing our shit right now, calling everyone we know who was old enough to know who Billy Joel is to brag. I looked around to see all the other lucky winners doing the exact same thing. Let’s just say Billy likes to surround himself with a harem of women, only one guy was lucky enough to be blessed with a golden ticket.


The show was so much fun. There were a lot of songs that we didn’t know so we felt a bit guilty being given the privelidge of these amazing tickets, but we had a ball. What away to spend our last night in NY.

Although Billy was great there were 2 others that stole the show. Mark Rivera, Billy’s saxophonist was soooo cool. The other guy who stole out hearts was the security guard who had to sit through the whole thing for the 21st time. He was so over the whole thing and I’ve never come across anyone whose face said FML so well. We tried to make it a fun night for him and get him involved and he have us his set list to say thanks. For his sake I hope Billy’s tour finishes up soon.

After the show we headed to one of America’s tackiest institutions-Hooters. We saw it across the road from the theatre and couldn’t resist. The food was exactly what we expected and so was the service.

Now we’re waking up to our last few hours in New York. It has been an absolute blast. We have covered so much over the last 9 days. Now we have to try and fit all of our memories/shopping into our bags and get ready for the long flight home.

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      • They are now in D.C 🙂 but the enjoyed NYC! They then go to Honolulu in the next three days from memory. Are you ladies heading anywhere else?

        • We just went to NYC and now are home. Arrived back yesterday. Feels like it was all a dream! Sounds like your parents are having a trip of a life time!

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