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I was sooo excited when I heard Rosie Waterland was writing a book. This turned in super-duper excitement when I realised it would be her memoir! I LOVE Rosie and have always had been intrigued by her life story, and wanted to know more. Rosie grew up with her three sisters in tumultuous circumstances. Drug and alcohol abuse, poverty and family violence was all too common. Her unconventional childhood lead Rosie to battle her own demons later in life including mental health issues, an eating disorder and dealing with nasty bullies. Rosie recounts these tales candidly in the only way Rosie can – one minute you are crying and the next laughing! Here is five reasons why The Anti Cool Girl is totes cool:

We all know Rosie is super funny! This is the girl who has made TV commentary an art form. She is the only reason I got into watching The Bachelor. As soon as an episode is over I log into Facebook to read her Bachie Recaps. Well, Rosie continues delivering the laughs in her memoir which is no mean feat, as parts of her childhood were not funny at all. Escaping your house while your mum is trying to stab her current boyfriend, or being tormented everyday by bullies, things can be quite bleak. But Rosie is able to see the funny in most situations. Perhaps this is part coping mechanician, but a lot of it is just Rosie being a natural comic. I challenge you to read about when Rosie pissed her pants in a supermarket without LOLing.

2. Rosie doesn’t blame she just explains
Rosie’s words are always full of love and understanding, which is no little feat when retelling some deeply traumatic situations. Rosie LOVES her family and this always shines through. It could be so easy and totally understandable for Rosie to remain bitter and angry but instead it all comes down to “no one hugs me like my mum”. Rosie has stated that she was angry with her mum, but through working through her issues with professional help, she has been able to forgive. This is a powerful and inspiring act. We can all learn from this as we deal with how others have hurt us. Rosie also holds herself entirely accountable for all her behaviour in the book. This is one self-aware 20 something year old.

3. Gives a human face to the big issues facing Australians today
In the book you find out more about Rosie’s parents and how they ended up in some pretty crazy and terrifying situations. How trauma and mental health issues can spiral and take down whole families with it. How bullying is a true problem yet often the victim is blamed for ‘not being tough enough’. Or the national epidemic of domestic and family violence we are facing. Rosie’s life has been impacted by all these issues. In her memoir we can see that these issues don’t belong to the faceless masses, but real people, just trying their best but have trouble breaking free. I am so happy that Rosie has shared her story, as it brings these topics into our everyday conversations, not just another statistic on the news.

4. A voice for all us anti cool girls
I too am an anti cool girl. Like Rosie, I was the awkward nerdy kid with big daydreams and trouble being ‘cool’. I was the kid who tripped over in front of the Year 10 boys, who was on the debating team, had braces and glasses AT THE SAME TIME, and just struggled to fit in. Hell, a couple of weeks ago I fell on the ground in the middle of New York trying to walk over a cardboard box. I’m sure there are a lot of us out there. We had much prettier siblings and wore two stripe track pants because our folks couldn’t afford the real Adidas pants so everyone knew we were pov. Never fear, because Rosie is here!! Rosie is our champion! Showing us all that we can make it in this world! The key is to stop trying to be cool and just embrace ourselves. At the heart of Rosie’s memoir is the journey to self love and acceptance. There is nothing better than that. Thanks Rosie for being our leader 😉

This is me in classic anti cool girl mode.

This is me in classic anti cool girl mode.

5. Sisterhood unites
I heard Rosie say in a speech once that her sisters and herself never had a home to go home to, but whenever they are together she is at ‘home’. This is so awesome and I totally can relate thanks to having a gorgeous sister myself. In the end, it isn’t the bricks and mortar that makes you belong, it is your true family. This can also apply to your sisters from different misters, the sisterhood you have created with your girlfriends. Rosie had a lot of time apart from her siblings due to foster care and various living arrangements, something that was incredibly painful. But there is no doubt of the bond and love she has for them.

So there you have it. Another million reasons exist why this is a great read, but I’ve just selected five for today. Do yourself a favour and get a copy.

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  1. Nice review. When I first saw “hilarious” I kind of had a blank face because some of the bits that were meant to be funny – I struggled to laugh at because so sad. BUT you’re right she totally finds the humour in everything. She’s quite amazing and very brave. Xx

    • Thanks Jen for reading!
      I know how you feel. I remember I had to stop reading and just pause to take in some of the terrible things.
      A very amazing woman indeed x

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