breakfast with bestselling author Karen Viggers and finance whiz Gianna Salvestro


I’m Gianna Salvestro, a female financial planner with Milestone Financial Services in Deakin ACT.

Gianna - Financial Planner and my friend.

Gianna – Financial Planner and my friend.

I see first-hand the struggles women have when they plan for the future too late. Women have unique financial planning needs because we usually take a break from our careers to raise a family, generally earn less than men and often work part time. Add to that the trend for women to have children later in life and have longer life expectancies. But we still have the same needs financially.

Women’s financial independence can sometimes become diluted when we enter into a relationship, as there is often a stigma that men are better at finances. It is heartbreaking to see a new divorcee or widow who is scared because she has to manage her own financial affairs for the first time.

We want to inspire women to follow their dreams and we will support them by making them more aware of what can be achieved financially. We want women to feel independent and empowered to make better financial decisions for themselves and their family.

We’ve decided to run a breakfast series for women – to inspire them to live their best lives. There are many ‘forks in the road’ so to speak when informed financial decisions are paramount. One of those is if you decide to have a career change. Our guest speaker, Karen Viggers, was once a vet, but she is now a best-selling fiction author. She often draws on her past and the things she learnt as a vet, but has followed her passions and dreams and taken a big leap of faith to become a writer. I’ll set the scene with some sound financial foundations, and Karen will inspire by sharing her journey.

Karen Viggers - bestselling author

Karen Viggers – bestselling author.



One of Karen’s novels.

The breakfast is on 27 October 2015 at 7.30am at the Federal Golf Club, Red Hill, Canberra. Click here to register for this free event.

Bookings are essential as positions are limited.

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