Dear Amicas

Dear Amicas,

I feel this is important to write, to enable refocus and ‘speak my truth’ as many put it.

AMICA is coming up to two years in March which just seems cray cray! With close to 200 posts, amazing contributors and lessons learnt I’m pleased to report we have been able to create the space we always intended – a space for ALL women to express, create and to find growth.

But lately I have been wavering. Getting too focused on the ‘business’ side of things, which has led to some self doubt and that forever dreadful comparison. You know, the questions like ‘how can I get more followers’? ‘How come her blog is sooo successful and only six months old’? Plus the biggie ‘is it really all worth it’? ‘Will it ever reach a stage where I can pay contributors and myself’?

I am what people may call stubborn but I prefer determined. I do hold onto my dreams for AMICA. I have done research, an online course and some mentorship to learn how to take it to the next level. While this has been fantastic and valuable, I have made two mistakes:

1. Getting so caught up in fear and comparison I have allowed the creative side to waiver, which has resulted in myself not sharing as much as I like to be.

2. I have allowed myself to be timid in the business side of things. Scared of rejection and ‘if I charge then businesses will say no and I won’t have anything to work from’. But the truth is that AMICA takes HOURS of precious time. I love it, I believe in it and I will continue to allow individuals to express themselves through it free of charge. However, eventually money has to become a factor. I’ve upped my days at work because I have mouths to feed which has resulted in even less time to blog. At some point funds become a factor.

After a weekend filled with a lot of negative energy and being run downed, the universe led me to see Jimena from Pali Healing Arts. I was desperately missing my mum as she was my release. I could go and bitch to her about things happening free from judgement and receive unconditional love. I felt lost, alone and deflated. Jimena was just the thing I needed. Her reading showed me clarity, spoke of hope and refocused me.

It was confirmed I need to get back to writing from a place of love and not stressing about the money. Yes, that is important and I will continue to work on the business side of things, but I will try and no longer be paralysed by it. The truth is, if I never make a cent but my words have somehow helped someone, reached them in a dark place, provided entertainment or some hope, then I’m one of the richest women alive!!

So I will keep at this endeavour and will be eternally grateful if you join me and stay part of this tribe.


Over the next few weeks/months you will see some changes. Due to an IP clash AMICA will change its name but the message, love and intent all remains the same – women supporting women, plus a few blokes as well 😉

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the continued support and love. We have come a long way since the early days where I was desperate just for more then 10 hits on a story. I know the future holds great things for all of us, and can’t wait to see it happen.

Much love,
Em xx

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  1. Thanks so much for your honesty Em! Even though it’s not your choice to change the name sometimes it can be a good thing in disguise. I am happy to be part of this space you have created for us all x

  2. Just be yourself Em, we love your writing and Amica is fantastic. It will be fantastic by any name, I’m sure someone famous once said “a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”!

  3. True words spoken by a true woman. You really draw people in with your honesty. And, Emma is right. Just be yourself and keep on writing xxx

  4. Em
    I love your unwaivering motivation. I’m a fan and look forward to many more of your blogs! Xx

  5. Hi Emma

    It’s not always about the number of followers your have but rather about the quality of your followers, their level of engagement and loyalty. Your site offers authentic stories that are meaningful and you offer a variety of topics. Continue to stay true to yourself and your brand and the fan base will grow.


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