Five things I’ve learnt in 2015

While I’m not big on new year resolutions, I do like to reflect on New Year’s Eve and see what lessons I have experienced over the past year. Here are five things I have learnt in 2015.

1. Dreams do come true. Travelling to New York with one of my soul sisters was a fantasy turned reality. I had always dreamed of going to the Big Apple and we made it happen! It was over a year in planning and saving but we went through with it. I learnt loads from this experience including the importance of always having something to look forward to. You can read more about what I learnt here.

2. The more you trust your gut, the better you will be. This has been an ongoing lesson for me, but as a grow I gain trust in my intuition. Usually, if something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. This is especially true when it comes to mother intuition. Before my second son got diagnosed with Slow Transit Constipation I knew something was wrong and had a suspicion it was a muscle problem, not diet related. But with no proof it was 15 hard months of no answers; bub not putting on weight, sleepless nights, hospital visits, diets and even ‘he will grow out of it’ before we finally got the correct diagnosis. Please mummies, trust yourselves more and keep persisting if something is not right.

3. It is OK to put your wellbeing first. I am a massive people pleaser and have suffered majorly in the past because of it. This year I learnt the importance of boundaries and whilst we must always be kind at act from love, this doesn’t mean we have to put up with bullshit either.

4. That grief is a funny old thing. That it will have you bedridden, eating your emotions, and crying because you found an old tea towel of your mum’s. It will also make you stronger, leave you with the lesson that now is all you truly have, and a deeper sense of self purpose.

5. That I need the ocean. This year I have spent more time close to the water than ever before. I am now aware of what salty water, waves and sand does for my soul. Kinda sucks I live inland but thanks to a caravan and annex at the south coast, this originally non-beachy gal is now walking around barefoot with wet hair 🙂

What have you learnt in 2015? What are you hoping for in 2016? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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  1. Love this post Em x

    I’ve learnt to limit negative people in my life. I don’t think you can avoid them entirely but removing certain people or restricting how people make me feel has done wonders for my happiness. I also realised like you, I don’t need to please everyone. Once I figured out it’s ok if not everyone likes me or that I can be myself without trying to change to fit in when it’s not ‘me’ I felt more relaxed, content and happy in my life. Oh and not to judge others. You don’t know what their situation is or what they’ve been through. This has really improved my joy and happiness! Here’s to a wonderful 2016. Love ya xx

    • Thanks for sharing Danni!

      I’m so glad you are learning the same lessons about the company we keep. I have also been trying to be mindful on how negativity can affect me. I have found going for walks, positive self talk and cutting the cords has helped.

      It really does come down to accepting that we aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and that is OK, though I still have a long way to go with all this stuff!

      Wishing you an amazing 2016 and love you too! xx

  2. Great post Em. Such a great idea to reflect on what we’ve learnt, instead of making unrealistic resolutions at the start of each year. I’m going to go home and do this tonight xx

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