Among the blooms with Moxom & Whitney

There is a story behind this post! A few days after I spent a night with Moxom and Whitney, my iPhone crashed, losing all my content. But recently I was able to get all my content back thanks to the magic cloud – YAY FOR CLOUDS! So here is my review, better late than never …


If you are in Canberra chances are you might have been lucky enough to receive a gorgeous creation from Moxom and Whitney.

Co-owned by best friends Lou Moxom and Belinda Whitney, this floristry based in trendy Braddon is famous for creating stunning bouquets by not following the rules. You won’t find boring, same-same elements here, they are all about free flowing artistic pieces that sing ‘just look how stunning I am’.

So when I found out about Moxom and Whitney flower arrangement classes I just had to go (they also have ones for terrariums)!

When I entered the class I was greeted by smiley faces and yummy food! Champagne flowing, delicious wraps plus fruit and cheese platters had me regretting the previous maccas I had just scoffed down.

The interiors of Moxom and Whitney are divine best described as a hipster chic greenery wonderland. Fairy lights, hanging plants and shelves of gorgeous creations including locally made Bison ceramics fill the space.

IMG_0166 IMG_0218

Rachel and Tori were our hosts and teachers for the night. As we munched away we took notes on all things flowers. We learnt a few things such as:

* some flowers like hydrangeas and orchids drink from their ‘faces’ and not their stems

*what to look for when buying roses

*the dos and don’ts for extending the life of cut flowers

*how to stop that annoying lily pollen staining your clothes, and

*how to pick the perfect vase.

We then moved to the back of the premises to start arranging flowers ourselves. We were taught the basics on how to construct an arrangement. Rachel explained that traditional floristry follows a standard formula, with a centrepiece flower that gets built around in a roundish formation (see the below image for what I’m getting at). Moxom and Whitney are rule breakers and have thrown the traditional formations out the window. They go on ‘whatever feels right’, by using lots of foliage and different sized flowers.

Rachel showed us the difference between traditional (the big pizza) and Moxom and Whitney's arrangements (the small pizza).

Rachel showed us the difference between traditional (the big pizza) and Moxom and Whitney’s arrangements (the small pizza).


We discovered the key is in how you hold the arrangement while creating, and to constantly be looking to fill in gaps. This was sooo much fun!! It was fantastic to let our creativity flow and to learn techniques we can take away with us. Great music was played as we worked, Rachel and Tori were hilarious and the divine perfume of the blooms filled our noses.


Once our stunning masterpieces were ready, we learnt how to wrap them with paper. Thus our creations were complete and ready to go home with us.

Jacqueline with her creation.

Jacqueline with her creation.

What was really awesome was how everyone created such unique arrangements. We were all in the same class yet the range of styles was inspiring.

My masterpiece!

My masterpiece!

With that flower arranging school came to a close. I left having a great night and an arrangement to admire at home that lasted over a week 🙂

Go to Moxom and Whitney for more information including class prices and availability.

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